Handling Reality – aka Duality – Use Compromise

2 posts back I talked about importance to perceive duality in life. 3 posts back I said that life is all about relationships.

Life in the existing reality is a combination of countless relationships between dualistic elements. Therefore, solutions to problems in reality can only be a compromise within each relationship. UNLESS, you choose to destroy that relationship.

Knowing that, we should know to be cautious when we proclaim that we need to defeat this or we need to beat that to solve our problems in real life.

If you take away sadness, you will not be happy. (Therefore, it’s a futile battle against depression.)
If you try to control or take over someone else’s life, you are destroying your relationship with that person. (It will become one between owner and slave.)

All the duality in life…

Happiness and sadness.
Saving and spending.
Student and teacher.
Certainty and uncertainty.
Selfishness and selflessness.
Good and evil.

Our well being, along with nature’s well being, is when duality is kept in balance without one side overpowering the other. Therefore, an aware person’s solution to a “problem” is always one of compromise to bring balance back.

Remember, compromise.

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Yet another tragedy…

Humans are such silly creatures and can’t seem to stop from killing each other in a rapid pace…

Not only there are wars going on, we’re also shooting each other to death… as gunman kills 32 at university.

Einstein is right… Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe. It’s saddening to see people lose themselves, give up on rationalization, and deprive himself and others for a chance.

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The Price of Gas and the Type of Cars People Buy – What is Enough?

On most work days, I eat out with one or two coworkers, and if none, I’d go by myself. It is a habit to enjoy the Mercury News at lunch period. One thing I have noticed in last couple weeks is that advertisement for hybrid vehicles have propped up. I guess they need to increase sales.

Another article I read elsewhere talks about people haven’t abandoned SUVs yet, especially with the drastic drop in gas price. For some, their vehicle conversion is where they switch from a Hummer or gas-mileage-equivalent to a smaller big-car that yields some 18 MPG. So much for the hope that gas price can help to bring about drastic change in human behavior.

The interesting thing is, and it would be most rational, that gas price which is a short-term variable has such great influence on vehicle purchase which is a long-term decision. It would also be rational if people can switch car without the cost of depreciation, but we know that is not true. Gas price changes everyday, we cannot change our cars everyday!

Could the biggest problems we have be such short-term thinking that the majority of people have? Could it be a problem for the fact that majority of the people are only capable of, or only willing to perceive short-term? And maybe they can only see **singly-connected phenomenon**?

This has validity as we are in the situation today because…

Banks and big business were so adament about growing at an ungodly rate that led them to buy into the subprime, CDAs, and what not. (short-term thinking) Thus, they lost sight of what could possibly be the consequence. (missing the long-term)

Middle class and common people bought into the subprime loans as they were so focused on getting that oversized, or dream house of theirs NOW. (short-term thinking) Thus, they lost sight of how they could possibly lose it just as quick, either due to affordability or overlooked future variables. (missing the long-term)

And let’s say some married guy is so focused on growing his career or business, and he spend all his time and energy on getting ahead. To the detriment of long-term, he forgets his health, neglects his wife and children, and who knows what else he gives up.

Maybe it is important to ask and think about, “What is enough for me in the long-term”? And then make your investment, spending, saving decisions with that in mind. Yes? I think so.

Now it is your responsibility to define what is enough in your dictionary.

** Singly-connected phenomenon — the effect of a cause that is only one step away. When I said someone is only capable of seeing singly-connected phenomenon, that person thinks, “I killed you so you are dead”, and he stops there without thinking how my death would effect people I know and my surroundings. Or, the person thinks, “I took your money so you are poorer”, and he stops there without thinking how me being poorer will affect other things. If anyone knows an official term for this, let me know.

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In praise of idleness

I keep seeing the occasional spike in the article that I had written awhile back – The Art of Doing Nothing so I feel like to add a few thoughts to that.

Productivity seems to have become the end-all-be-all goal in our current time. Driving up productivity is an unquestionable aspect in driving more values in business, at all cost.

The attitude from such execution results in the mentality that we have to be useful, productive ALWAYS into all aspects of our lives. Thus…

To be doing something useful is great!
To be idling is blasphemy!

I know we don’t really say things like that but when anyone says that he had done nothing over the weekend or something, he’s usually met with the reaction “oh… (maybe you should be doing something more useful, or be out doing something exciting).” Well, something along those line. In short, the reaction to an “idling answer” is always kind of awkward.

I find there is a lot be praised to be able to be idle — and that includes our physical and mental capacities. To be honest, we need to be able to be idle. Not always, but I think it’s necessary on intervals.

There is something rejuvenating about it.
A lot of creativity arises from moments of idleness.
Epiphany usually only happen when you can stop to be idle.
If we ignore all the above, we simply need a balance in life.

Idleness is the couter-balance of productivity.

Slightly different version of being idle is to be able to move/act at leisure.

But I think in our pursuit of growth and mostly only economically… sometimes also for fame and power, we give up this important concept. And we almost chastise each other for being anything other than productive.

I read something awhile back that I’ll always remember… You know what kind of people would not be hostile and try to always fight with others? People who can stop to look at and genuinely enjoy a beautiful scenery.

I enjoy being able to be idle and leisurely.

Maybe we need more people like that. Maybe we need to start teaching that.

I feel the reason behind our distaste against idleness has to do with our deep desire to control. We want things to happen our way instead of letting things happen by itself when in things, many things happen outside of our control. Sad to say, that is more healthy to let things take its course. To always control is a very short sighted perception due to insecurity.

It is also a fact that our brain does MUCH more than we are consciously aware of. Thus when we feel sleep/rest is wasteful, that is also completely wrong. Think of it as a digesting process when we let ourselves rest… of all the events that happen during the day, the stress, the hormone, and all the emotional wear and tear that occurred during everyday!

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