Fundamental Attitude of Learning

The fundamental attitude of learning is to say “I don’t know” and even when you think you know, you say “Is that so?”

We can call this simply, a questioning attitude.

Tada, I’m done with my post today… just kidding.

I find this is as opposed to the prominent behavior or attitude of people who are considered successful or are expected to be successful, where one must always demonstrate, or pretend, the fact that “I know.”

So it becomes always that everyone goes around with this “I know”… where most of the stuff that we do know is, truth be told, only assumptions we have about life. Because we think “I know”, we never bother and get around to examining these assumptions, and holding basic assumptions that is not parallel to the nature of life and reality is like having a bad foundation for a building, or starting a race running in the wrong direction. It wouldn’t matter how fast we run.

Thus it is often that we mistake lies as facts. Illusions as reality.

Therefore, to be able to say “I don’t know” and “Is that so?”, to have this questioning attitude is essential. It is definitely essential for people in the pursuit of mastery of certain art form. And I find it would be great if one adopt in the pursuit of health and weight training, where one will inevitably begin to experience the idea of Qi.

And most importantly, this question is required in exploring the deepest, yet simplest, questions in life. To say it in a bit cheesy way, it is required for those who are genuine truth-seekers. That is, these people would concern themselves with these questions:

— Where do we come from?
— What is the meaning of life? (aka. Who are we?)
— Where do we go? or where are we going?

However, there is one missing question, cleverly pointed out by Alan Watts:

— Is it serious?

For those who somehow, whether by sheer will or birth-right or contemplation, able to arrive at a questioning yet non-serious attitude and is able to bear those questions, they will invariably discover the greatest wisdom, the reality as it is (without answering the questions).

That is, if we are not all too busy getting rich, becoming famous, doing politics, entertaining ourselves and everyone else, saving the world, or whatever else “important” that could be on a modern man or woman’s schedule.

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The Death of Responsibility

The main reason for the title of this post sprouts from reading one article and another article regarding attempt to pass legislation that set aside 20 billion will help people from foreclosures in the subprime mortgage sector. And I won’t get started on how the goverment is over-spending (our poor tax money…) It’s a whole other rant.

Anyways, you ask, how does the legislation relate to responsibility, or the death of it?

Here is some background info, in a nutshell:
Yes, the subprime mortgage exists to help people with lesser credit to obtain money to be able to purchase a home. But couple years ago, a lot of people, who I would assume did not think and plan logically based on their cash flow and how the possibility of rate adjustment would affect their payment in future, take on these loans to purchase a home. And I am certain among those people, there are plenty who took it to the extreme to buy something they can only marginally afford. On top of that, they probably take the risk of buying such homes with the assumption that the market price will continue to rise. Needless to say, now that the market price is stagnant and probably will drop some more, and time has reached to point of rate reset, they can no longer afford their payments and face foreclosure.

Here is the answer why having the legislation is an irresponsible deed:
The word of significance from my explanation above is, RISK. Any market/business out there involves risk. Like buying stocks, people understand (I hope they do…) that they are at risk of buying something that which the value may drop and therefore, they can lose money. The logic isn’t too far off here. These people, who are now facing foreclosures, borrwed money and borrowed more than they can afford. There’s also probability that they did not try to fully comprehend the terms – what could happen with the rate and how a slight change in rate can strangle them by taking loans to the extreme. They took the bet, and they lost. Like gambling in casino, you don’t get your money back when you lost. Period

This takes me to the conclusion that the folks proposing the legislation are simply silly. If they go ahead with that, why don’t they have legislation to help cover the people who lost in the stock market. Next, help the people who started business and completely failed. While we are at it, let’s have legislation that bails out the folks who lost their shirts at casino. This really makes me want to laugh.

On top of this and outside of the financial arena, responsibility is also non-existent. A few points of support are:

  • Most recently, from the Virginia Tech shooting, I talked about how people fail to look into themselves for the source of problem
  • Another recent case, check out some news on Alberto Gonzales. The dude used 50+ times of “I don’t recall” as his answers in his own defense. Isn’t he the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation? If so, I would say, whether he is willing or not, whether he likes it or not, it’s his job, and he should be aware of the firing process of eight attorneys. Since he doesn’t recall of of that, he deserves to be fired, as a normal employee would on a job.
  • A case of parents suing frat/school for the demise of their under-age-son because of alchohol. My argument – did the fraternity or the school make the decision for the boy to sneak in and over-drink? Even if it’s due to hazing, the kid chose to join the frat himself. I am sorry, but he has made a stupid choice.
  • Few years back, a case where people attempt to sue the big four fast food restaurants “lying” to customers and need to offer healthier options to. What the heck, c’mon, we all know fast food are not healthy. Go eat something else if you want to be healthy or add exercise to the agenda.
  • Domestic (unmarried) partner claiming the other person has held them back in life. This is an example I observed from personal life and my argument – pure excuses.

The list could go on if I really want to keep digging, but I think I have stated my point. It would really help if people do THINK before they make a decision, and also understand that whatever outcomes are the direct result of our own decisions and actions, and we need to stop blaming and take responsibility.

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What would you like to do if money were no object

So much of what we do in life is done with the purpose of making money to allow a comfortable living in life. It’s not that it is a bad thing. It’s just that it can be so easy to get lost in focusing about money and our actions become immensely dictated by it.

I’d even take the leap that more of the people who are most influential in the world, and even local communities, become who they are because they act on some other ideals than the thought of generating money.

I think that’s why the question of the subject of this post is important.

What would you like to do if money were no objective?
– Alan Watts

For those of us working a job that we do not enjoy, it does not mean to rashly quit the job and do whatever we think we like at the moment.

More importantly, the question helps us to push aside the noise in our life (such as money) and to think about what we really want to do in our life. It is not an easy question to answer.

To know our dream. That is a gift.

And only if we identify that, then we can prepare. Then we can prepare and put a plan together in order to achieve it eventually. Before it is too late, before we regret what we had not done at an old age.

And I thank Zen Pencils for so brilliantly penning Alan Watts’ wisdom into the following cartoon.


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Damn Snow Flakes

Mind you, I am not talking about real snow. I am talking about all the DHTML snowflakes that many websites and blogs are having for the Christmas season.

Why am I cursing?

Because every time I go to one of these sites, I can see my CPUs (Core 2 T7200 2.0GHz) going from idle to 25% usage — meaning half of one CPU. Yes, I am a big geek with a CPU monitor on my desktop.

Even though modern machines have plenty of computing power to generate these effects without slowing down. But think about millions of people around the world visiting these websites, increasing CPU power consumption. What wastefulness! And they are not even pretty but distraction against the text I want to read. Let alone some people have the fake white snowflakes against white background?

Let alone the power we are already spending on lightings and shit.

Oh, what harmful nature of ignorance and unawareness, albeit unintended.

Ok, done with my rant for the day.

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