Waking Up to the World

We all roam this world with different levels of consciousness. The level of consciousness that one possesses is not always relevant to age. When I talk about consciousness, it is largely in relation to awareness plus some more. People may or may not reach a high level of consciouness, which I also call “waking up”, going through their entire lives. Personal development is definitely a path that can help grow our consciousness, but with certainty unless they also possess a very strong will to pursue this. But then, some may stumble and suddenly “wake up” and have a new sense of consciousness of him/herself and the world around.

John over at Universe of Success provides some insight about finding a new sense of awareness that is in relation to “waking up”.

At Breathing Prosperity, they specify some signs that suggest someone is not conscious yet.

Based on latter post and my personal observation, I believe there are a lot more people who are “asleep” and has yet “wake up”. Hopefully with this site and all the other development blogs out there, we can help to make people become more aware and find new level of consciousness.

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Importance for Personal Finance

Personal Finance — including saving, debt elimination, investing, insurance… All these topics have been reviewed and re-emphasized and drilled to death on PF blogsphere.

Now… why is it important?

Is it because it is good to have money? That we can afford luxury when we are rich? And that we are free to do as we want?

Well, it is good to have money. I cannot deny that. I can use more myself :) But, is money that important? That many people do just about anything they can to have more of it.

Most certainly, one cannot survive in today’s modern life without money, which was invented and evolved from thousands years ago to facilitate trading. Now, it is essential to our survival. So we have to be practical and take care of this aspect of our life. To say that we as a part of current system/society can do without money is simple arrogance.

On the other hand, as the so-self-claimed highest form of intelligence on earth, is money all we can ultimately think about? Is our life just about things that we can get with money, in order to be secure and to survive? So the smartest beings on earth is stuck worrying about survival like all the other organisms?

Setting aside all the details, that is exactly what we are doing. We fight and we quarrel with each other for money (power) to be able to obtain and impose in order to have resources to survive, hopefully in the company of family and a few friends. In between, we add luxury to make ourselves feel a little better. Even when we are talking about green and saving the planet now, we are merely striving for our own survival (The planet does not need us to save it).

That’s it to human life? Wow, mind blowing…

marlows_hierarchyBorrowing from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (not that I totally agree with the way he arranged things), I suggest that we manage our money so we can move beyond it. By that, I mean, once our basic needs are secured and that we have obtained a certain level of comfort and security through accumulation of “enough” money, it is only suitable for us to explore further about life. It’s time to ask yourself some [tough] questions. And there is so much to learn about yourself, your mind, your body, the world, the universe!

Additionally, we cannot counteract the absurdity that springs from money by managing our money better because that will only generate more absurdity. To break the chain of absurdity that which is driven by money-greed, we must move beyond thinking at the money level — the level where everything is evaluated by money.

We cannot fix the chaos of the world by doing things that will generate more chaos (which is exactly what we are doing) — in reference to entropy, which is the 2nd law of thermodynamics, with my humbly minimal understanding — so either we find a way to calm down or we let chaos increase to its maximum level at which it will plateau, and somehow the system will correct and reset itself over time.

Think of it like a video game, you cannot move to the next stage until you beat the current stage. Nobody talks about this because this is a road that is far less travelled by humans. Everyone is busy being comfortable or trying to be comfortable. It is a road without a map. It is an exciting journey yet scary at times. You have nothing to rely on except yourself… by learning and unlearning about many things and discovering yourself, you find your next step.

So the true importance of personal finance is not about personal finance.

That is, the importance of personal finance is to allow you to move beyond what the system preaches. It preaches the idea that we are to think and identify for ourselves all the things it preaches, mostly just superficial and material things. When you start to think about the greater whole, with wider perspective, you become free from your previous perspective because there is so much more now. You don’t have to try to be free. You are free. You no longer have to “deal with” all the desires to control your spending.

Take good care of your personal finance and realize at certain point that you CAN start looking further. If you do not realize, well, personal finance is personal finance. You are stuck thinking personally, mostly about yourself.

Last thing, has it ever crossed your mind that without humans, money and all the “precious metals” would be worthless? They are just what they are, a part of nature, beautiful but not worth anything. Thought I’d throw this related question out too.

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Time and Man

Man created time, and then let time mastered him.
– Kin

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Happy New Year, and Screw New Year Resolution

First of all, Happy New Year everyone!

It is that time of the year again, when everyone talks about new year resolution. So will I, but perhaps you are thinking, “Why did he say ‘Screw New Year Resolution’?”

Well, new year resolution… is just that, new year resolution. Once new year is over, so is the resolution. Oh, yet another demonstration of the short-term mentality that people have these days. Short-term like how people temporarily become nice to their partners for a special day or go on extreme diet to look thin for an occasional event. Now if you are already nice to your partner and become extra nice to them… that’s a different and good story.

At new year’s time, people formulate their new year resolution and carry them out for perhaps, a day, a week, a month… MAYBE couple months. Some people don’t even last a day. Let’s be totally honest because we can see that in people around us and maybe you are one of them. Don’t kid yourself.

Therefore, can we please stop talking about new year resolution? Please? While we are at it, let us forget about birthday resolution, and whatever special day resolution there maybe. If you must wait for these “special” days to make changes, I say you may as well forget it because it will not last. Honestly.

You can start by thinking what you want your life to be.
Envinsion who you want to be.
Think of the legacy you want to leave behind when you die.
Don’t let identities, labels, and egos drive you.
Don’t let fear stops you.
Don’t let the “impossibles” stop you.
Don’t let “what everyone else does” stops you.
Don’t wait for the “special” day to start changing.
Be responsible for yourself.
Start changing NOW.
Stop taking the path of least resistence.
Stay in the moment and make the choices necessary.

It is important to know where you want to go so you will go in the right direction, but do not lost sight of the moment and do not stop paying attention to each step because such attention and awareness of the moment, you have lose yourself.

If you are not already doing what you need or want to do according to your values, it is time to ask why. Why weren’t you already doing it? Why weren’t you already doing it the years before? What is holding you back? Do you know what you want? Do you know your values? Have you figured out your priorities in life?

Screw new year resolution. Now go change yourself for what you want for the rest of your life while staying aware and staying flexible.

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