Final Fantasy 12

I disappeared for quite awhile…the thing is, after spending an extensive amount of time to tidy up my apartment. I’m stuck…playig Final Fantasy 12. You can read all about it through the link but here’s a few comments by me:

Final Fantasy 12 involves quite a bit of reformed elements in the game system, battle wise and character control. I believe some of the style is adopted from Final Fantasy 11 which I never played. For the system, the word simple comes to mind, but it’s still fun. I know the character models are definitely from 11 though. I don’t like the main male character’s “skin”.

The story itself also flows differently than previous Final Fantasy game. It resembles more of the FF Tactics game from before – revolve around kingdom, power struggle/politics, a bit dark. The story is still attractive yet I do not feel as close to the characters in 12 than the previous. They could have spent more time or portion of the game to develop the relationship of the characters, which I think is lacking to cause the “distance”.

I’m almost finished w/ it, still trying to get the secrets and sidequests before I hit the ending. I’m a bit of a perfectionist :P

My legs are also sore, from shooting basketball for a few hours after many days of inactivity, because I could FEEL how unhealthy I am after many days of sitting around and so forced myself to go shoot some hoops.

Hence, on a final note – Exercise is VERY VERY important.

This is it! Master Completion!

This is it. Today is the day.
I finally made it.

Mission completed – Master completed

Game of Life in Excel – Final version

—– 2006-12-12 UPDATE ——
Finally turn in the Game of Life project for MS&E 207 – Interactive Management Science class. Despite the class not being too difficult, I do feel that the materials is very much practical, namely the various useful modelling techniques and Excel skills. I am glad I selected this class.

Click here for the final version of Game of Life.

The final version is a big upgrade from the previous version, with improved interface, additional user-controlled parameters, more and better arranged information, and user error preventative measures. To reiterate upon what I’ve said, this project is my first extensive use of Excel+VBA, and I have to say it’s gratifying and result is satisfying. Last word, Excel+VBA can be quite a powerful tool with the to build models for presentation and convey important messages to audience (and perhaps even impress superiors), if used correctly. Hopefully I will make use of them in the future.
—– 2006-12-12 UPDATE ——

As I just wrote, I spent sometime on homework. The piece of homework I done is called the “Game of Life”, which is based on the concept of cellular automaton. The concept involves a set of cells, which based on some mathematical rules, will live, die, or spread. It is interesting to see how the pattern develop. And in the original “Game of Life”, the rules are…

  • If a cell is alive…
    1. and has 1 or less neighbors, it dies of loneliness
    2. and has 4 or more neighbors, it dies of overcrowding
    3. all other cases, the cell survives
  • If a cell is dead…
    1. and it has exactly 3 neighbors, it’s given life

So about what I did: I created an Excel spreadsheet that does just what the game says, AND a little bit more. My excel spreadsheet allows users to modify the numbers in the rules, adding a layer of fun! haha, j/k, I actually just think it’s a pretty neat spreadsheet to share, and I learned some VBA in the process. You can download the file below, enjoy!

Download “Game of Life” excel file here

What’s Going on These Days

Approaching the end of the quarter quickly, I can’t wait to finish!
I’m already in vacation mood, haha. Gotta hang in there until Friday the 15th!
Good luck to everyone battling their final projects and finals out there!

Several things on my mind:

  • Do I really want a roommate? If so, who? Despite this place being two bedrooms, it’s not that big, and to share with a total stranger in such tight space, and there’s also the problem of finding a trustworthy person to share room with.
  • Whether I want to pay off my car. The interest of the loan IS higher than what the online saving’s paying me, so I’m actually losing out money…but it’ll take a huge chunk out of my saving *sigh* But long term speaking, it’s costing me more if I don’t pay off now…hmmm…
  • Depending on my saving, I want to look for a small place to buy. Paying off my car may take me a little to save longer for down. Finding a roommate will help me save more. I will need to make some calculation once I get my 1st pay check to see where I position. Now you see how these are all related :P

Well, things will become clearer after the new year. Patient, I shall be.

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