Playstation 3 and Blu-ray DVD

Last month, besides spending for the 2 trips, I also splurged on a set of Playstation 3 upon the price drop announced by Sony. This is after I buckled down to save for many months. It hurts me as much as my pocket, but I considered all these are worth it. We save in order to spend after all, with the key being controlled spending. Anyways…

So what happened was I jumped on the Circuit City deal that offered an extra controller plus 5 self-selected Blu-ray DVDs (from a limited collection), which quickly sold out on the same day when I checked at night :P Lucky!

That’s besides the point though.

Today, I finally received my first Blu-ray DVD, which is the awesomely choreographed 300 that I ordered from Amazon. My expectaion is high…

After my first Blu-ray experience, I have to say that Blu-ray does indeed provide crisper image and more details. I did not notice a big difference in sound. In addition, the load time from the root menu to the various features seems faster than regular DVDs.

However, I do have doubts whether the improvement that Blu-ray provides is really worth the extra bucks, especially if someone has to drop major bucks for a pure Blu-ray player. I’m talking about non-Playstation 3. I personally think the difference between DVDs with 1080p-upscale (on Playstation 3) and the Blu-ray is there but not significant enough to provide a motive to invest purely for a Blu-ray experience. Again, I’m talking about non-Playstation 3.

Au contraire, Blu-ray DVDs prices are dropping and so the actual value of Blu-ray DVD relative to its cost is also increasing. They are also becoming more popular, so Blu-ray seems to be the way to go eventually, if not now.

Yep, that’s my 2 cents.

Living Your Words

Lately I had encountered more instances of people not keeping their words, than I hoped. It has led to a general feelings of disappointment in people, sadly.

Most of them happened along the lines of people inviting me to outting/dinner, but I only found out they cannot make it or it’s canceled in the aftermath of me showing up at the appointed time and place. I called them people because I am considering if I should still call these people friends.

Whatever happened to keeping our words, seriously.

Was I mad? You bet I was. Briefly. From the initial moment of shock, and then some disappointment and frustration. But I quickly rationalize, “This is not my problem. This is their problem. Hence, this is their responsibility and consequence.” Then most of the negativity inside myself dissipated. Poof!

The truth is that I treated them with the respect as friends, or anyone would deserve. I considered them friends and chose to spend time with them in the expense of not doing other things. I value and trust them. I am paying respect and building my integrity by keeping my words. By doing otherwise, they destroyed the trust that I had for them and their own integrity and trustworthiness. As a result, it becomes their problems, not mine. Why should I be angry?

It definitely sounds like keeping your words sounds pretty important!
Not for some peope apparently.

As such, I will diverge my time and effort to people who deserve them better. People with consideracy. People who know respect. People with integrity. People who keep their words.

This reminds me of the words in the samurai code of Bushido, quoted by Tom Cruise in the Last Samurai interview.

When a samurai has said he will perform an action, it is as good as done. Nothing will stop him from completing what he has said he will do. He does not have to give his word. He does not have to promise. The action of speaking alone has set the act of doing in motion.

It is not that I am advocating everyone to wield katana and follow strict traditions like the samurai in the old days, but it is the exact attribute described above that makes true samurai as respectable as they are, and other people who also possesses that attribute. Call me old fashion but that is something I adhere to also.

It is not only keeping promises.
It is meaning what you say and practicing those same words.
It is not what you said.
It is how you act.

It is what I think how a person should act. Not talk the talk but walk another walk. It is about doing what you say, and what you say should be exactly what you believe and mean. This gives me a sense of fulfillment. This gives me satisfaction. This makes me feel good about myself. Why shouldn’t I do it?

Perhaps this is the one of the many flaws in the current society…
People no longer mean what they say anymore.

What about you? Do you live your words? Or do you constantly throw your words away?

Appreciation Of Simple Things

Today (a Friday) I left work at around 7:30pm, which is the latest I’ve done in a VERY VERY long time. Mind you, my day usually starts before or around 9am, and it’s always my endeavor to maintain 40-hour work week but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

As I was leaving and driving along the highway 680-N with traffic, I looked out the window and saw this beautiful sunset sky with the mountain hazy in a opaque mist in the distance. And I think, “What a great view!” And it doesn’t seem so bad to have to leave work so late anymore.

But how many people actually notice it? And ALSO genuinly appreciate it?

Sometimes we are so busy going places that we fail to notice and appreciate these simple things in life.

We are so hasty in getting somewhere – maybe a physical place, maybe an abstract goal – that we neglect things and forget to live the moment.

These simple things can be a gorgeous scenic view like this case…
Or nature itself – a comfortably green tree, a cool breeze brushes by, a passing dragonfly…
Or good companionship – family members, friends who understands you, colleages who are great to work with…
Or simple things that happened – a good conversation, simple gesture of kindess, an exchange of smiles with passerby…
Or the most basic thing in life – your arms, your legs, your eyesight, being able to breathe, or simply being alive.

Not only that, we all have goals, right? Like:
Becoming millionaires…
Losing 20 lbs…
Becoming the next American Idol…
Buying the most expensive sports car out there…

And you spent all your blood, sweat, heart and soul in working toward your goal… But suddenly, some superior being suddenly gives you what you have always wanted so badly. After all those effort, you are given just what you want in an instant. Well…

You would be estatic for a moment but then, wouldn’t it be devastating after that initial moment? Wouldn’t it be boring? That’s it? I got it just like that? What do I do now?

That would suck.
At least in my mind.

Anyways, what I want to say is…

Enjoy the process on the way to your goal.
Live the moments.
Learn to appreciate.
Live your life.
Don’t be in such a hurry all the time.

I appreciate that I have come to be more aware of and able to appreciate these things.

Tomorrow will be another good day.

Hectic Schedule But Not Giving Up Priorities, Such is Persistence

Lately work has picked up quite a bit, and I have gotten busier on the job. While I continue my endeavor to keep work at work and maintain 40 hour work week. Nonetheless, I have had to take home a bit of work, and the hectic schedule has left me a bit more worn out, together caused by the recent vacations).

With work consuming more of my energy (amongst other things), I still try my best to keep up with commitments for myself – workout & exercise, piano, singing, keeping up w/ the readings & news & Business week, and blog (I know I’ve slacked off a bit lately…)

I workout and exercise because health is importance and my body (and the mind) is my most important asset.
I play piano and sing because they are my passion.
I read and keep up w/ news & business because I want to learn and it will probably help with my financial future.
I blog because it helps me in comprehending myself, and I love to share and communicate my experience and knowledge with others (hopefully help people in some ways in the process).

Just like everybody out there, there are times I wonder “Why do I do all these? Seriously…”

I can have it much easier if I just wake up, go to work, finish, go home, eat, watch TV, vegetate, sleep …
What a great life. It does sound appealing, mmmm.

And honestly, I am not sure how to answer the above question except the things I mentioned are things I have chosen to do. I could label them personal goals. These goals… they may not matter now, may not matter any time soon, or may NEVER matter… but just like I put it, they are my choices, my personal commitments, and therefore I will persist. I have mentioned before, persistence is very importance in life, along faith – believing in the things you do.

Persistence lets me outlast everyone else.
Persistence allows me to surpass myself and everyone else.
Persistence is what gets things done.
Persistence is what gets me somewhere.

At least, that’s what I sincerely believe.

Yes, doing all these things simultaneously will certainly leave me w/ more fatigue. But by following these commitments, I feel more fulfilled and enriched. Because of that, I don’t feel like a slump. As a person, I am more content and confident with myself. Generally speaking, they all contribute to make me a better person.

It is not easy. But who wants an easy way out anyways? Easy is plain. Easy is no fun. Easy is not exciting. I can be lazy, but I don’t want easy. I aspire to greatness.

What about you?

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