U.S. Government is a Great Employer

I never thought U.S. government can be such great and well-rounded employer, who takes care of the employees’ every need. It puts all tight-wad corporates to shame.

If you are a government employee and you…

  • Need to find your soul mate?
    Swipe your government credit card for online dating service.
  • Want to fill your musical void on commute or at work?
    Swipe your government credit card for an iPod.
  • Need help to afford a shelter?
    Write government credit-card checks to your landlord or roommate.
  • Desire to please your partner behind the bedroom door?
    Swipe your government credit card for some sexy lingerie.
  • Have the sudden urge for fine dining and dessert?
    Swipe your government credit card for the 3-course luxurious meal at a 5-star restaurant, and a super-duper-mega-Himalayas-sized sundae served in a 24-karat gold-plated swimming pool.

It’s nice to see our tax money being used for good cause.

Highlights from the article:

  • GAO: Federal employees charged millions to government credit/debit cards
  • The charges include: Internet dating services, iPods, expensive clothing, lingerie
  • The audit also found agencies could not account for nearly $2 million worth of items
  • Nearly half of transactions made in the 2006 fiscal year were improper

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There is Something Special About You

There is something special about you…

You can understand yourself better than anyone.
You can take care of you, your body, and all your other shit better than anyone.
Only you can be responsible for yourself.
Only you can express yourself.
Only you can be yourself.

Something tells me that all your “situations” and the collective world’s “situations” are because individually…

You don’t understand yourself.
You don’t take care of yourself.
You are not being responsible for yourself.
You don’t express yourself.
You stop being yourself.

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Punctuality and Respect

For those who know me, I am a fan of punctuality and would like the same of others. I know there are situations that can keep us from being exactly on time, and that is understandable and acceptable. It just annoys the heck of of me when some people seem to “inherently” lack punctuality.

I think it speaks a lot about that person, that it is a demonstration of good manners. It shows the person’s attention and energy to form their habits. How? Here’s how. From how you plan your time to arrive at an appointment, it shows the way you manage your time, and that you will apply the same methodology to your daily schedule and organization of events. In the end, being to an appointment is equivalent to running late on other things also because of the same planning methodology applied, which is the estimating to be “right on” (“late”) out of habit.

It’s even worse when I hear people say, “oh, I’m always late, it’s just me…” It speaks clearly about the personality. If that’s the case and you even realize it, then why don’t you fix it? Why not make it a habit to be on time? It just goes to show how you are unable to correct your own mistake and improve yourself.

More over, tardiness is like stealing time from other people and time is priceless. So another way to think about this is – Having punctuality or being on time is another form of respect for others.

It is in my nature to avoid those people, once I observe who has the “nature” to be late. I’m talking about some serious tardiness here, like 15 min+ on multiple occasions. For friends, I will provide some suggestions/warnings before any act of distancing myself from them. The way I see this is, why waste my precious time for folks like that? You should consider the same.

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A Time and Place for Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) is a taboo term by now, while the mess in the subprime loan market continues to unfold.

ARM is another financial tool with a purpose for its existence. However, buyers abused it to buy a house they cannot afford, and banks abused it to get unsubstantiated numbers on their balance sheet. We can generalize that bad outcomes in human society is always the result of an abuse of certain power.

ARM is a good option for someone who wants to buy a house in short-term. It allows the buyer to keep more money in the pocket for the period of time with the initial interest rate, while he invests those money in other places for a higher return. There are also various types of ARM to “tweak” the amount of payment. The usual scenario is for the buyer to live in the house for however long before the interest rate reset and then sell it.

Essentially, the buyer must understand that by taking an ARM, he is speculating on an appreciating housing market. If he plans to live beyond the expiration of the initial interest rate, he’s betting on a reset to lower percentage for the interest rate. The ideal scenario is either selling the house before the reset at an appreciated price, or staying in the house with a reset to a lower percentage. It’s neither the case for the people with ARM, which brings us to the current situation.

I wonder if the ARM buyers in default or facing foreclosure thought and understood about ARM when they took the loan. I doubt it though. They were too busy marveling at the house that’s too big for them to afford. I also wonder if the banks made sure that buyers understand ARM. I doubt that too. They were too busy adding all the numbers on their quarterly reports.

But then, perhaps ARM will be a good option for me in the next few years?

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