Where Does Your Attention Go?

With a plethora of family issues and personal things to take care and a blue-screened desktop to reinstall, I did not have the time and energy to post. I thank you for your patience.

One thing you can evaluate to gauge how well you are doing in a particular aspect of life is by observing how much attention to direct to it.

Let us focus on personal finance. What is the first thing you should do to get your finance in order? Lay down a budget? Start investing? Opening high yield saving accounts? Not. To put things in order, you must first pay attention and understand your current situation before doing anything else. That means, find out your assets and liabilities (networth), and then income and expense (cash flow). If nothing else, by paying attention to these information, it reveals the truth about your financial situation. As such, you can provide yourself no excuse to avoid doing what’s necessary.

Certainly you can act on your personal finance situation without these informations… but that just means you just don’t have the genuine desire to change it, as you don’t even want to pay attention to it. Maybe you will get lucky and get somewhere, but it’s the equivalent of walking around with a map but without a compass.

In a sense, when I say attention, it is about being honest and seeing the truth about your current situation first, in order to act accordingly and bring order from chaos. No excuses. No denying. And no procrastination.

You can do the same for your health, career, and relationship. In fact, they are all important in life and thus, all require your attention. But I am surprised to frequently see people focus on only a subset of these four things. Paying attention to everything? Sounds very busy. Because it is. And you get to decide when, where, and how to be busy — how to allocate your time and energy.

Which area(s) of life does you attention go?

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From Subprime to FHA Loans

While catching up on my reading, and I read an article in Business Week that is simply disheartening.

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is a federal agency that insures mortgage, where the rate of interest is regulated and loan is insured, to provide modest people with a way to purchase a house. As the subprime sector mostly vaporized, the same people who used to market subprime loans, re-brand themselves, receive certification, and become the people who now market FHA-backed mortgages. Unfortunately, the behavior that’s generic to the subprime business did not change and as one example in the article…

XXX was an unlikely borrower. She had no employment income when she bought a three-bedroom condo in Palmetto Towers, a Hernandez property in Miami, in July 2007 for $318,000. She borrowed almost the entire purchase price from Great Country Mortgage Bankers, XXX’s loan company…

Even though now the subprime has ended, the prediction is that as this goes on, in next few years, the same thing will happened with FHA-backed loans. I said that this is disheartening because of two facts.

  1. The people who made mistakes seem to have no remorse, do not self-reflect, and are not hesitant to perform the same act.
  2. The people who borrowed in this scenario and defaulted are numerous. Many never made one payment, and at most paid for the first 3 months. It is scary to know that so many people have little foresights of their financial situation and probably made the decision while they are blind-sighted by their desires to own a house.

This is the time where we need the change and as people repeat the same actions, it goes to demonstrate how much is inner change, real change is needed where people start taking responsibility for their actions. It is unfortunate and disappointing to observe the opposite. We can keep changing the outside environment, settings, policy, rules, but while we remain the same… the same thing will keep happening. Gah!

Not talk about the executives and bankers who are yet consumed by greed to chase after money, the people who bought the home in this case and had defaulted, surely have a strong desire for a home of their own. However, owning a house doesn’t make it a home.

I will talk more about the topic of home later.

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The Ordinary Hero

I came across a piece of writing by an unknown author. The original is here:

I loved it and gave it my own little tweaks to convey what I frequently try to convey here.

A hero is only an ordinary human who does the right thing consistently.

Non-truth is what changes through time.
Truth is the permanent basics of reality, realized by wisdom through generations.
(if you care enough to look)
(if you care enough to be wise)

All our “tricks” have been changing for thousands of years.
The old teachings stay as the cat is let out.
What we need to pay attention to,
is here, is now
our being and us applying them.

Heroes may not always win,
but they never lose.

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Earth Day — 1 out of 365 Days to Save Earth

earth_half_destroyed.jpgToday is supposedly Earth Day, but I am not a big fan of these specially designated days. Shall I mention Hallmark holidays?

This does not mean that I do not understand the meanings of them or that I do not celebrate special occassions. I love to have the opportunity to spend time with friends on birthdays and holidays. I also do my best to act in ways to show people how much I care and appreciate them.

Raising the awareness of the population to care for Earth is of course a positive thing. The reason I do not like these “special days” is because they show such fakeness. Though I do not want to generalize too much, but what generally happens inside and outside of the special days during the year is…

We spend 1 day saving Earth and the other 364 days not caring, if not unearthing (destroying), it.
We spend 1 day showing our love and making the other person feel important and the other 364 days overlooking him or her.
We spend 1 day being thankful to family and friends and the other 364 ignoring, if not being angry and frustrated, at each other.

The list of holidays goes on.

This kind of manner resembles that of people display for their new year resolution. Let alone how we spend a crap load of money on gifts on people while the most important thing is having and building the connection among us. It is something called relationship. Gifts are nice, and especially nice if they are thoughtful, but they are still not THE point. Relationship does not build on gifts.

Having special days are fine, but do not forget to do the same in the other 364 days in the year.

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