Bad Timing Versus Priorities

Bad timing.
They want the right timing to take action.
They wait and wait and wait.
Meanwhile, they stand still and do nothing.
Maybe they talk about it.
Maybe they think about it.
But otherwise, they do nothing.
Seconds go by, minutes go by, hours, days, weeks, months go by…
They wait and wait and get more and more complacent.
All the while, still telling themselves it’s not the right time yet.
Years passed by and they seem to have forgotten what exactly was that they wanted to do.
Then maybe one day, they realize suddenly as if struck by lightning…
“Oh, I haven’t accomplish anything…”
Or maybe they wont’ realize…
Too comfortable to notice, too comfortable to care.
Or maybe they are too comfortable to make changes anymore…
They continue to wait for the right timing.
There is always tomorrow.
There is always more time.

Aren’t we all familiar with the scenario above looking at the people around us?
Sadly, that’s the majority of the population.
Maybe you are one of them.

I’m 24 now.
Maybe it’s safe for me to say that?
Maybe I can just sit back and relax and do nothing for awhile?

I chose the difference.

I encountered the death of a near-age friend earlier this year. One day I was still chatting with him and then couple days later he’s gone. No sign. No prologue. He just left. I was speechless when I got the news. There is no words to describe.

I took that to the heart. It is not that I am afraid of death. It is actually about facing death. Chinese people avoid talking about death, and I hate it. Death lets me find and identify the things are meaningful to me, the things that I genuinely want to do. Those things are a part of my character. Without them, I am not the person I am. They are my priorities. If I don’t act in accord to my set of priorities each moment, I may not live to the next day to do them. It is precisely facing death that lets us to be not of it because we will start to do the things that define us in the best of our ability everyday. Things like caring for my family, being kind and compassionate to people, always trying to learn, becoming financially stable and independent, playing piano, trainingly myself mentally and physically, doing what I can for the world (You can laugh at me but I’m serious and sincere about it)… I have no regret if I am to die. It is doing with the end in mind. I also believe this helps to put us at ease and let us find that inner peace.

I do still relax and have fun. Sometimes I get tired and slack off, but I remain conscious and mindful of my priorities. Your priorities are your character, and there is no bad timing to act in your character. I am not suggesting to act rashly and bully ahead because there are moments, quite often actually, that require patience depending on situation. It is about consistently making the choice to move forward and contribute to those priorities, despite hectic schedule, despite fatigue, despite difficulty, despite bad timing. It is about making choice proactively to move forward with regards to what you truly want to do and the person you want to be, while staring death straight in the eyes.

So I urge you…
If you are still waiting for the right time…
Stop talking.
Stop thinking.
Stop reading.
Stop finding excuses.
Do something already.

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What If You Receive 1 Million Dollars…

Or 5 million dollars, or 10 million dollars… It doesn’t really matter. The point is, let’s assume you receive a certain amount of money that provides you financial independence for the rest of your life.

What would you do?

First, why don’t you take a look at today’s market. See how far it’s plunged. 360 points! Everyone who has 401k and stock portfolio can probably feel it, ouch! For those of us looking at long term, it maybe less relevant, but nonetheless, my net worth is taking the hit temporarily.

The reason I mentioned that… Sometimes I feel this uncontrolled impatience inside myself. I’ll look at the amount in my saving, in brokerage, and then the amount of my loan. I look at my net worth, and I feel that it’s just not growing fast enough. I save, I invest, I contribute to 401k with discipline each month, but it’s still not growing fast enough for my patience. I want to be financially independent today. I want to be done. I want to be out of the rat race right now. And honestly? Don’t we all.

Though, I brought myself back to reality, back to my calm self and without losing sight. I think about what I would do if I do receive the money that enables my financial independence, be it 1mil, 5mil, 10mil, or 1bil…

Now I have hobbies, and quite a few of them. I have things I like doing. I want to help people. But as far as what exactly I want to do with the freedom and all those time that comes with the financial independence, I cannot say I am 100% certain, which is okay because I need go through what I am going through. The experience will continuously let me better understand the world around me and learn about myself. Only with such experience, I am what I am today and what I will be. And also more appreciative I shall be when the moment arrives. That’s why, I am and will continue to do my best, and there is no hurry. Enjoying and being in each moment, including this process, is important. There is no better place and moment to be.

As the saying goes (vaguely as I can remember it):
Every moment you spent wishing to be somewhere else is a moment of your life wasted.

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Time and Man

Man created time, and then let time mastered him.
– Kin

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Develop Your Character is the Way

I had a discussion about money being just a tool and not being responsible for the evils of humans (nor the goods). And here on this blog, I have written much more about personal development, the growing of a person (myself) than personal finance. There is a reason.

We can think of what we do with money as a form of self-expression. Actually, don’t think, because it is. What you do with your money in a moment and the fundamental motive behind it is how and what you are in that moment. That’s why it is worth your attention and time to explore that fundamental motive. And if you look at it this way, money serves as a amplication tool of one’s character. So, the more money a person possesses, the more obvious what the person does with money demonstrates the character he is.

By developing your individual — your character — over time, you lose the dependence on the world around you and become less and less influenced by what you are told, and just be you. Because you can just be you, whatever you do is absolutely your own choice. This is convenient because changing your character changes how you act in all aspects of life, and that includes your personal finance.

By developing and changing your character, you change the way you treat and spend money.

That’s the reason why I place self-growth, development, reflection, discovery, and awareness at such high esteem. The utmost priority and the highest state of an individual is to be the person you are. Not your ego. Not an image of what you “should be”. Not what the world has told you so. When you can do that, you do not need the world to define you. You are who you are. You will not be afraid to stand alone. You become fearless.

The difficulty of this growing process is the difficulty in shedding. You will shed some believes and traditional ideas that once made up your reality. Tougher yet, you will likely need to make the choice to shed some people who maybe deemed important in your life… A hypothetical, yet serious, question is… “Are you afraid to stand alone amongst the 6.7~ billion people on earth?”

And yet again, these discussions take us back to the importance of awareness. Awareness helps you dig deep to find yourself, to allow you to observe and then question yourself and everything around you, and then ultimately, helps you to define the person you sincerely want to be. So everyday, I shed a little what I have trained and told to be for 20 some years and become more of the character I am. Simultaneously, I am growing. My character is growing because it is a continuous process of learning through myself, through others, through the world around me, and it is a process that will never end. I am ever changing. If you let it be, the sky is the limit.

“Mastering others is strength.
Mastering yourself makes you fearless.”

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