Would you runaway?

The news about the New Zealand couple running away with several million had spread all over by now.

Interestly, there seems to be quite a bit of support for the runaway couple. There are even two Facebook groups created that support them – Go Leo Gao – Go You Good Thing! and We Support Leo Gao and his 10 Million Dollars – Run Leo Run.

The question I ask is not whether this is right or wrong or if you support is. The question I ask is…

If you had also gotten the money from the bank, would you choose to runaway?

For me, it is obvious that it is not worth it. First, there is the risk of getting caught. It is not likely that one can get away with something like this so easily. Secondly, even if I manage to get away at first, it will mean that I had to play hide and seek for, at least, an extended period of time if not my entire life, and that means I cannot even enjoy the money. Lastly, the instant money would not be something that I had earned myself and that simply takes away the entire enjoyment factor of earning it and thus no longer can I enjoy what I earn.

What about you?

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  1. Meg says:

    I would have to do some research to see what is the worst that could happen if I were to get caught – what I’d be charged with, etc. Then I’d have to weigh the odds. I’m young and single and, while I have family I love dearly and would miss, I could live a helluva great life in Mexico on $6MM! I’d pay for them to come visit me anytime. :)

    I’m not sure as an American if it would be worth it – since you’d essentially have to flee the country to avoid being pursued constantly and would therefore be giving up all your American liberties and benefits of citizenship. But if I lived in New Zealand or any other country it might be an easier decision!

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