The Agenda Mentality – Doing is Always a Mean to an End

Everything we have these days seem to be designed to be fast and easy for us to get somewhere, to have done something — always having a destination in the mind.

Everything we do had become a mean to an end.

When we do that, we have made the means almost meaningless. As such, when we reach the end, we will most certainly regret, or be in denial, because we have given up everything for this end… only that, this end… this moment you have hoped and wished and dreamed about is not much more special than all the other moments you have sacrificed, if it is more special at all.

That is why I said, “We are trying so hard to live now that we are not living.”

Everything is a mean to an end. For modern people, the end is a moving target. Then everything becomes a mean, meaning there is no end to their pursuit. They ignore this moment. They have little respect for
whatever they do now.

Living in the moment is just that. Not for sake of peace. Not for the sake of happiness. When you seek, you have not. But that is not what we teach. That is not what the society teach to next generation.

The idea of good behavior is no longer because of the good behavior itself but becase you can get something out of it. This agenda mindset, has seeped into most aspects of our daily life, and has led to the perversion of everything that we do. The rampant desire for an end has overwhelmed the quality of the means.

It is not wrong to have an end. Just that the means are always perverted (meaning, bad shit happens) when one is concern only about the end. Because we will do anything to get to the end. That’s how desires make us do bad things.

For example…

The virtue of frugality lies in its non-wastefulness, not because you will have lots of money and become millionaires.

The goal of relationship is the relationship itself, not because you NEED to network, or that you will become happy or you will get something out of the relationship.

The reason to create quality is for the quality itself.

One of the way I determine success now is, “Am I being sincere in the moment of doing whatever I am doing?” Sincere being the keyword. The more I can be sincere, the more “successful” I consider myself.

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  1. Muzie says:

    I must admit I’m a little jealous.

    Here I am, I’m 32 years old… and I’m taking life lessons from a 25 year old.

    And he’s insanely good at it. Better codified than mine – and it’s not like I haven’t given it any thought.

    Thanks for doing this! There’s a lot of wisdom here, I think I’ll peruse some of the archives to get more.

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