Risk Hedging, Planning, and Stress

One important question we modern people would ask is, “Why is everyone so damn stressed out?”

Modern life is full of ironies. The irony here is how we always plan as attempt to feel more secure and thus make things less stressful. Yet, we get the exact opposite result.

Planning is fine but becomes bad when excessive.

We drown ourselves in all possible scenarios, which are mental images of futures that exist only in our mind. So they are more or less illusions. Then we completely forget that plans are just plans, and thus should change upon changes in us and the environment. While we forge that, we fail to adapt when things turn sour. And then we make even bigger mess when we control and manipulate, scratch and claw to try to force what has become into a future that exists in our mind — as if we are clinging for our dear life.

Attachment to plan. Attachment to accomplishment. Attachment to the thoughts we have of what future should be. Attachment to accomplishment. Attachment to fulfill our ego’s desires.

As humans, we now often fail to change and adapt, like water. We like rigidness. When we are both rigid and fluid.

There is even the field called Risk Analysis, and so every business and individual strive to take the risk out of things. Again, too much is bad. Imagine a life where risk is taken out. Imagine you know everything that is going to happen. What happen to life?

Like the game of tic-tac-toe, because I know it can only end in win or draw. I see no point to play it, unless my goal is to intentionally lose.

Like the game of chess, when we know one of us is going to mate in a few moves, we end the game to start over. There is no point to continue.

What happens to life when there is too much planning? What happens to life when risk is completely removed? I believe, the answer is clear.

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  1. Muzie says:

    This reminds me of some investment billboard ads I saw in airports a few years ago. They said “I risk, therefore I am” in large letters.

    Unfortunately the recent economic debacle has shown many take risks at the expenses of others… but when one takes responsibility for his own risks, I found this to be an appealing motto to go by.

  2. Kin says:

    Yes, it is appalling how people are willing to take TOO MUCH risk at the expense of the others, and they intentionally do so thinking it is okay because they know that they will only be slightly affected, if at all.

    But, this is a bit different than the post’s point though.

    The point is TOO MUCH planning to take the all risks out of life is also not a good idea :)

  3. I do like a well planned life and schedule, but I agree that getting rid of ALL risk is just asking for trouble

    I feel stifled without a little daring.. and they DO say that if you don’t risk anything, you won’t be rewarded for anything either.

    i mean, if I listened to everyone around me about staying at my old corporate job, I wouldn’t have discovered that I love being an independent boss… or working half a year instead of a full year (not by choice but I am not freaking out or stressing about it, I am embracing it)

    Great post. Very thoughtful…

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