The Ever Progressing Advertising Industry

The question of the day is, do we need more advertising? Is more growing advertising revenue to be? I have already given up on TV a long time ago. Not only were there few shows that are enjoyable, the ever more increasing commercials during a program has made my decision firm. I think there is […]

Respect for Work and the Job

I have been working for 5+ years, and I have met and worked with people now to make an observation — It is not the majority of people to respect their job, or in the least, not even the work or task at hand. Let me put it another way — People want reward, whatever […]

Waiting for Perfection

At this moment, are you waiting for the perfect time and situation to do something? Perhaps something to change your life forever. It’s so important, that you must require the perfect time so that you are guaranteed result. Well, that’s a bunch of bull. I am guilty of that myself. Lately, being honest, besides having […]

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