I Want to Be Here, not There

I am being sent oversea for work in July. That got me thinking about travelling and vacation.

I actually find it quite enjoyable to stay around home, and I got everything I need here. I want to be here. I enjoy being here. But of course, if I must go somewhere, then I will enjoy being here over there too.

This is as opposed to the common desire to take a vacation to have a good time, to escape from it all. The I-want-to-be-there attitude. So really, instead of being over there, we can all learn how to be here more often.

The feeling is, that I want to be here while everyone else wants to be there.

The truth is, as long as I can be totally here, then I can be everywhere with no trouble.

The consequence is, if a person always wants to be there instead of here, then everywhere he goes will still be trouble.

See what I’m sayin’?

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