My Experience of Court Process through Jury Duty

It’s been a week since I wrote, so perhaps some of you may think that I have fallen off the edge of the earth by now, but alas, I am still here and alive :) Today I wrapped up with jury duty which is quite disruptive to my schedule. Still, I found it a great […]

Called for Jury Duty

I got called in for jury duty on Tuesday for first time ever. After two days of selection process, the jurors still have not been selected yet. I am one of the 20 prospective jurors right now, so we will see if I will be one of the 12 jurors. The court will resume on […]

On Capitalism and Free Market

Despite the problem today, one thing that people continue to preach is that capitalism and free market will ultimately right itself. I think that is a load of crap. Not because the idea of capitalism and free market are wrong. Rather, it is about what people are doing with the idea of capitalism and free […]

My Young Basketball Friend

It was such a gorgeous day in the Bay Area today, which is unfortunate because we need more rain or else we have a draught this summer. However, that is besides the purpose of this point. Because of the nice weather, I was compelled to enjoy it while it lasts. After calling everyone who would […]

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