Cost of Ownership – Piano Got Fixed Edition

For those of you who never notice or keep track, I am learning the piano. Yep, in my 20s and still learning. I will not give this up. Now is a little less than 3 years since I began with a private instructor. For practicing purpose, I own a Roland HP103 digital piano. For those who may be interested, Roland’s digital piano is as close as it gets to a real acoustic piano in temrs of touch and sound and saves the hassle of the requirement of periodic tunning. It also provides the convenience of headphone jack so I can spare my roommate’s ears and practice late into the night.

Sadly, couple weeks ago, my sustainer became fickle and does not alway register when I pedal, which makes the sound of any music pieces sound funny and broken. Not fun. It has been really annoying when I practice. But today, it has been fixed! Yay! For a wonderful bargain price of $143. (Hopefully you sense my sarcastic tone) Well, it’s probably not a bargain and I got lucky already because the sustainer craps out right before the 3 years warranty ends, which means I only paid for labor. All in all, it is well worth the price to me even if it gets more expensive since playing the piano holds such importance to me. When I do not write any blog post, it is often due to me choosing to spend time to practice piano instead.

As to why I am still learning and playing at such an age? Frankly, I have no clue. It’s definitely not practical because I pay weekly for the lessons nor is there any career perspective. I can only say that I truly enjoy it and it is one of my passion in life. It fulfills me. Not everything has to be practical now.

In a personal finance aspect, this provides us with a perfect example of how the things we own will cost us more than the purchase price. Sometimes not just in monatery term where you have to fix and maintain them, like your car. Perhaps you bought some decor in spur of the moment and have spend time and effort to find a place to put it. Perhaps you bought more clothings than your drawers can hold and then you need to buy more drawer and then a place ot put the drawer. Perhaps you bought some large furniture and it got old and then you must figure out how to dump it.

That’s why we should decide and prioritize what is important to you and own the things that contribute to those and try not to own too much else. In this sense, I am kind of a minimalist.

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