Life is Tough and That is Just How It is

I have been dealing with quite a bit negativity in the past few days, weeks. Between the search for roommate, some work situations, issues happening to people close to my heart, market downturn’s impact on my portfolio, amongst other things, it’s been a downer for me.

But I did not say this to complain.

Then why did I tell you this? Because I’d like to say that it’s the same for everyone of us, that life never gets easier. No matter how aware you become, how healthy you get, how calm you can stay, things can be tough. Then what reasons do we have to keep doign what we do? Honestly, I don’t know. We can each have our own reason.

But given that I either choose to lose myself to anger, frustration, self-pity, depression, and what-not to make things worse, or choose to keep doing what I am doing with discipline and simply doing my best every moment, I’d choose the latter any time. It’s easier to give up and shrivel up and call it it than to keep chugging along. It’s easier to do nothing and to wait for a miracle and to keep hoping for the better, but I realize that there is simply no hope, and I can only do what I can and the best I can in every moment.

Depressing huh? It can be subjective to the common chain of thought. However, it is just the way it is – that there is no hope. There is no hope and you simply do what you gotta do, based on your values.

And myself, I will do my best to walk my talk and not just talk the talk and then maybe I won’t balk.

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