Happy New Year!

It’s a great day today because it’s new year day. And it’s a new beginning. I wish everyone a happy 2008 ahead.

For me, I’ve been battling with a severe cold and sick like a dead pig in the past few days, so I hope everyone out there is staying healthy unlike me :) I’m trying to recover quickly because it’s also time to go back to work.

Now what’s new year without new year resolution. It’s always good to have a resolution, or goal in a new year. Something you want to improve about yourself for your own sake or the people around you. Be it financial, health-related, spiritual, or of some personal habit. It’s good to set one or few goals but don’t set so many of them because you can do anything but you can’t do everything. Focus is important.

Once you set your mind on what the goal is, keep in mind these few things:

For me, I definitely need to get back to my work-out routine because past 2 weeks’ inactivities, albeit some exercise, have lead to quite some muscle loss. That means 3 times weight training in the gym per week plus cardio once or twice on separate days. Besides that, I will continue to be consistent and persistent in my endeavors in my career, personal finance, and then of course, piano and singing. Perhaps you think this is a lot of items? Perhaps it is, but I have been consistently contributing to these things for the past 2-3 years already. It’s just a matter of keeping up now, and we all know that the beginning is always tougher.

With that, I once again wish that everyone a happy and wonderful year ahead. Keep up the effort!

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