Awareness and Zen

Today I share with you an understanding of awareness in terms of Zen, which differs from the way I talked about awareness before. First of all, awareness exists in all of us. One does not have to create or implement awareness per se because it is alwas there, always a part of us. Then how […]

I Slept Through Black Friday And It’s My Choice

I slept through Black Friday, yet again. Call me lazy. But it’s my choice. I chose not to fight the crowd of spending frenzied consumers. I will shop for deals online now or later. I chose not to freeze in this cold weather and also lose sleep. I enjoy my cozy bed and 8 hours […]

What You Can Do When You Get a Late Fee on Credit Card Bill

I missed my payment for my Citi Dividend Card last month. What a stupid mistake, but I’m only human. I only realized that last Friday, 11/9, and I immediately submitted a payment through bill pay. Yet, I did not make it in time when I noticed a late fee of $39 is assessed in my […]

To Give is to Receive

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. So let me take the chance to touch on the subject of giving today. People always say “giving is receiving”, “it’s better to give than to receive”, “to give is to receive”. But why? Don’t you hate it when people say it, and you just have to agree, even […]

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