Get a GPS And Quit Getting Lost

Now we finance blogger always plead frugal living. I have pleaded for us to distinguish between “want” and “need” when we want to buy things. However, there are things that serve great value by saving money and time in the long run. One such thing is Global Positioning System (GPS).

GPS is something that I have owned for awhile now that I can honestly and confidently claim that have save me MUCH time and gas (thus, money) in the long haul. Being a couple hundred dollars investment, I struggled for awhile before making the purchase, but the saving of time and gas was precisely the motive for it, and it is worth its every cent.

Garmin Nuvi 350 is the one I owned. Not only has it saves me time from looking and printing out directions every time I go somewhere, it has frequently save me from being lost and also get me to places on the fly w/o mistake. The point of interest feature on the Nuvi 350 is also excellent, finding me restaurants, ATM, car rentals in the vicinity when needed.

The price of GPS has come down so much that just further expands their true values. For time, for gas, for convenience, get a GPS.

PS. The touch screen on the Nuvi provides a much better user experience than the Garmin i5 with the scroll wheel, which I owned previously.

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