Do You Meditate?

Something happened in the morning today that I think is really amazing. Here’s the background of the story…

Last week Thursday, my manager inquired if I want to attend a conference happening next week for a day. What an opportunity to see what’s out there, so of course I said yes. I quickly faxed in the registration materials on Thursday, and we all know where this is heading… Indeed! They did not receive the registration in time, so I had to re-register. I re-did the paperwork and was waiting for this elderly female rep. to tinker on the computer but were having some “technical issues” here and there… When she finally finished, here is the conversation:

Lady: Hmmm, do you medidate?
Piggy: Uh…not really… I practice…
Lady: Practice?
Piggy: Practice to stay calm.
Lady: Are you married?
Piggy: No…
Lady: You know what, your wife is gonna be a happy wife cuz you stay so calm.
Piggy: *smile*

This is the conversation literally word for word, that I jotted down immediately when I got the chance because I think this is amazing. Why amazing? It is amazing because the other person can sense that I’m very calm (sense it enough that she wants to point it out), and that is exactly what I try to consistently do – having a calm and still mind. And this also proves, what’s inside of us will create the image and impression that others have of ourselves.

I think this is a great personal victory :)

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