Being Clean and Having a Peaceful Mind

Looking back, there are many occasions that I am annoyed and overwhelmed when my surroundings gets messy and cluttered. Especially back in those student days with schoo, work, and life all going that I really didn’t have time to clean. When I finally get the chance, it’ll be such a clutter that I’m not sure […]

Glad to have this blog

Recently, things have been a little tough and hectic. Along with that, there are people with much negativity whom I cannot avoid completely. Anger and disturbance penting up inside from those people and I’m not sure how to deal with them and these feelings. It’s also giving me a hard time to keep my chin […]

Did I Mention to Staying Calm?

Did I ever point out the importance of staying calm? Ah yes, I did here. Not very long ago! I’d like to point that out AGAIN. Why? Because I will share an incident that shows how important it is, and how I am still a student myself in learning and practicing all the personal development […]

Do You Meditate?

Something happened in the morning today that I think is really amazing. Here’s the background of the story… Last week Thursday, my manager inquired if I want to attend a conference happening next week for a day. What an opportunity to see what’s out there, so of course I said yes. I quickly faxed in […]

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