Most Basic Rule to Personal Finance

Spend less than what you make. A very very simple way to explain this… If we compare two persons, one making $50,000 and spending $45,000 and the other making $100,000 and spending $105,000, who’s going to be better off and has more money? Now to be able to do that, it means following one or […]

Year of Piggy

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! May you all have another fruitful years and have your wishes and dreams come true (or move closer to them)!

Consistent Exercise

As previously mentioned, I’ve been consistently hitting the gym for weight training, and that I leave my cardio to other exercises. But due to the lenghty period of cold weather and lack of internal basketball facility (I can no longer go to my school’s facility now), I’ve been passing up basketball for about 2 months… […]

Need headphones?

One of my favorite things to do is listening to music (duh). And for a very long time now, I can no longer let myself go with the stock headphones that come with the mp3 players/portable devices. I will provide some guidance here in picking headhpones. First, let’s explore the important attributes of headphones and […]

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