Happy Thanksgiving

Despite all the hecticness lately, things finally are starting to calm down. A new sense of reassurance is reached as the decision is made to stay in the area after graduation. In a way, I’m very glad because of family (esp. my sister and little Alinda) and friends in this area, though I did feel compelled to go somewhere, afraid I may get too comfortable, all the while believing change is what makes one better. However, it’s okay because I believe it all lies in my mind and the strength of the mind empowers us to bring changes upon ourselves no matter where/what we do. We just have to make use of our minds – we are what we believe. Anyways, no deep talk today… I’m on break :P

So what have I done on this thanksgiving day?

casino-royale-daniel-craig.jpgI went to see Casino Royale with a group of friends. A decent typical Bond movie I’d say, but just a tad bit too long…there are several parts in the last half hours when I thought it’s ending already but not. Overall, still a movie worth watching, including the fact that the bond girl, Eva Green, is quite gorgeous (I should be thankful for this? hehe).

At night I got to eat with the whole family, which hasn’t for a long time, so it’s pretty special. Parents came over and cooked. The food was delicious, which is something to be thankful for becuase I noticed their cooking has evolved for the worse from their many years living in Michigan. Several times I felt I’d I rahter eat my own cooking.

Besides those, it’s the usual, a bit of work/hw, spend time w/ the baby, piano, read…

ps. Tofu, hope you have a good time in town. Glad you get to come home for break, look forward to seeing you during winter break :)

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