Saratoga Sushi Boat

Before hitting the movie, 300 (Spartans!!!), at Saratoga 14 AMC Theater on Saturday, my friends and I hit the Sushi Boat Restaurant in the vicinity for dinner.

All the sushi (including a lion-king type roll) tastes decent, the salmon was fresh on the nigiri, and price was appropriate for the portion. The boats that go around are constantly being filled unlike another sushi boat I went to near work. All in all, I would return there again.

Reminder: I’m a big Japanese food fan :)

My Zodiac Analysis

If you understand Chinese, I think the analysis is pretty accurate :P

Go to 本性解碼.


Year of Piggy

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! May you all have another fruitful years and have your wishes and dreams come true (or move closer to them)!

Consistent Exercise

As previously mentioned, I’ve been consistently hitting the gym for weight training, and that I leave my cardio to other exercises. But due to the lenghty period of cold weather and lack of internal basketball facility (I can no longer go to my school’s facility now), I’ve been passing up basketball for about 2 months… until yesterday.

Yesterday’s weather was gorgeous and it’s too much to pass up. So I went to shoot some hoop with my good friend at work. Shortly after we did some shooting, some other folks showed up and we decided to play a game, which turned out to be a full-court game. I did not keep it mind that it’s my first return to cardio/basketball after awhile and went all-out running/jumping. It was all fun but needless to say… I’m really feeling it today!

So the advice is… keep up with your exercise consistently. Notice the keyword is consistently. If you’ve taken a break for awhile, don’t just shove yourself back into it but instead try to work yourself gradually back into a routine. Well, you can shove yourself into… don’t say I didn’t warn you :P

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