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As you can see, this blog has a new look! I think the new theme provides a cleaner look to the site and should make it easier for readers to concentrate on the entries and also to find their ways around. I try to stay away from all the fancy themes and images, and hence, less tiring for readers’ eyes, as I believe a blog is more about readership compared to those fun fancy web applications out there.

My goal is to provide the best experience to all of you visitors of the blog, just as my constant strive to improve myself.

Therefore, I would love to hear any thoughts on your mind :)

Saratoga Sushi Boat

Before hitting the movie, 300 (Spartans!!!), at Saratoga 14 AMC Theater on Saturday, my friends and I hit the Sushi Boat Restaurant in the vicinity for dinner.

All the sushi (including a lion-king type roll) tastes decent, the salmon was fresh on the nigiri, and price was appropriate for the portion. The boats that go around are constantly being filled unlike another sushi boat I went to near work. All in all, I would return there again.

Reminder: I’m a big Japanese food fan :)

My Zodiac Analysis

If you understand Chinese, I think the analysis is pretty accurate :P

Go to 本性解碼.


Most Basic Rule to Personal Finance

Spend less than what you make.

A very very simple way to explain this… If we compare two persons, one making $50,000 and spending $45,000 and the other making $100,000 and spending $105,000, who’s going to be better off and has more money?

Now to be able to do that, it means following one or many of the behaviors below:
– don’t spend more than your monthly salary
– tracking your finance (money in-flow an out-flow)
– have a monthly budget
– distinguish wants” and “needs”
– try not to “borrow” from credit cards
– pay off any “bad” debt at high interest rate

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