Did I Mention to Staying Calm?

Did I ever point out the importance of staying calm? Ah yes, I did here. Not very long ago! I’d like to point that out AGAIN. Why? Because I will share an incident that shows how important it is, and how I am still a student myself in learning and practicing all the personal development stuffs I talk about. I did not follow the rule of staying calm, had a huge screw-up, and I am going to pay for it. Seriously, I’m really going to “pay for it.”

There is this closely-related person in my life that just has a niche of getting on my nerve and making me angry every single time. I cannot comprehend him and his actions and most of the things he does disturb me greatly. I’m not sure if our energy vibrate on two completely opposing spectrum but I seem to always get “out of sync” around him. And today I let things get to me again. I got annoyed and kind of pissed off and got behind my wheel… Tragically, I caused some significant damage to my beloved Scion tC.

Basically I let his negativity get to me. I let him disturbed me and chose to give up my calmness, which is bad. I cannot blame him because he is the way he is, so the mistake is on me not being able to keep my calmness. I made a BIG boo-boo.

The lesson? Don’t get behind the wheel if you are pissed off! Okok, that IS true but what I REALLY want to do is to re-emphasize the importance of calmness and stillness in mind. It is important because it will minimize the possible mistake we can make and enable our best performance in any moment.

Alright, I made my point above and am not casting any blame for what happened. I am over the incident. It caused me turmoil right after it happened, but I am glad that I was able to let it go promptly to continue on “business” and regain calmness soon after. I understand that I made a mistake and I learn and I will be responsible for it…which means I have to pay and fix my car…


Just kidding, what did I say again? :)

Do You Meditate?

Something happened in the morning today that I think is really amazing. Here’s the background of the story…

Last week Thursday, my manager inquired if I want to attend a conference happening next week for a day. What an opportunity to see what’s out there, so of course I said yes. I quickly faxed in the registration materials on Thursday, and we all know where this is heading… Indeed! They did not receive the registration in time, so I had to re-register. I re-did the paperwork and was waiting for this elderly female rep. to tinker on the computer but were having some “technical issues” here and there… When she finally finished, here is the conversation:

Lady: Hmmm, do you medidate?
Piggy: Uh…not really… I practice…
Lady: Practice?
Piggy: Practice to stay calm.
Lady: Are you married?
Piggy: No…
Lady: You know what, your wife is gonna be a happy wife cuz you stay so calm.
Piggy: *smile*

This is the conversation literally word for word, that I jotted down immediately when I got the chance because I think this is amazing. Why amazing? It is amazing because the other person can sense that I’m very calm (sense it enough that she wants to point it out), and that is exactly what I try to consistently do – having a calm and still mind. And this also proves, what’s inside of us will create the image and impression that others have of ourselves.

I think this is a great personal victory :)

My Car Is Mine

Like I said before, I have made the “final” payment for my car a little over a week ago and finally received the Certificate of Title :) So now I really, literally own “my” beautiful Scion tC.

Two good things I want to reiterate by doing this:
– I’m automatically “making” 6.15% return after tax
– The joy and happy feeling of having one less loan account to look at

So if you have outstanding loan/debt, you can get the same things by paying them off. Start with the one with the highest interest rate.

The Big 24

I would like to thank all the friends and family who reminded me of getting old… I mean, for wishing me happy birthday today. I got a very unexpected call from an old friend too, it’s great!

I was asked somewhere along if it feels any different to be a year older… not really :P It is not like I can, or anyone for this matter. How can anyone possibly change and metamorphose himself within a day?? There’s even a saying that goes like this, “it is easier to move a mountain than changing yourself (personality)”.

Relating this to personal development and personal finance, that is exactly why we should not wait for these “special days” to set our goals, like birthday, new year day (aka. new year resolution), or even more generic like “summer”. We have to start as soon as we can and make it a continuous process just because sheer difficulties involved, that we have to learn new habits.

For me, I am aware and have been rolling in actions and the only difference of turning 24 is none but persist and continue to learn. We have to remember that we may not have tomorrow. If we want to start something, it needs to be start now. One we got started we cannot cease to push ourselves. Do not give up for even if we may not reach our goal, we are moving forward, which is why we must aim high. As I like to quote, “tomorrow’s myself” needs to be better than “today’s myself”.

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