Speculation on Paying Off Car Debt

One way that will help speed up the prcoess of saving and accumulating wealth is by paying off debt. Usually we have debt that are at interest rate higher than our saving or even investment account and as a result, we’re losing money that way (+inflation, +tax). Right now, my car loan is the only thing besides the student loan, which is at 4.25%. So my plan to “deal with” my car loan.

Sometimes this is not the easiest thing to do but realizing the benefits of how it’ll help to accumulate MORE wealth in the future really helps. As I’ve mentioned, my car, a Scion tC, was bought with a loan when I was still in school, at a rate of 6.15%. There is 12k remaining to be paid off, and I have made up my mind to pay it off this month. Ouch to my saving account! But like I said, realizing how I can save more in the future without the monthly payment and paying the loan interest helps. Another way to think about it is that I “automatically” make a 6.15% return of the 12k after-tax.

I know some may say that 6.15% rate is pretty low, and that I can have an investment account with a higher rate of return than 6.15% (remember, we have to calculate the return rate after tax here). And that is true and very do-able. However, one more thing we have to realize is that paying off debt not only has its monetary motivation. It also provides a joyous, positive sense of feeling to be freed of debt, and I can already picture the great feeling. Life is not just about money after all. Soon I can really call my car – my own :)

Personal Finance Blogging is a niche?

As you may have noticed on my links, I read a lot of personal finance blogs (and those are just the most frequently read fraction of what I have bookmarked). I just like to make an observation. One thing I’ve noticed and am not sure if it’s the case is that a majority of these financial bloggers are either pretty much settled with a domestic partner or married and/or with kids. So I wonder if this “financial blogging circle” mostly only involves the ones who are already moving into the later stage in lives and only a very small fraction is people like me (recently grad, young, no family and such). If that is the case, then does it also mean that the younger generation isn’t paying enough attention to these things? This pertains to comments I have made before on how I cannot or have a difficult time to communicate with a lot of “my peers” on these financial topics.

Hmmm, just a thought. What do you think? (and now I wonder, how old are you, my readers, anyways? and how much interests you have on these personal finance topics? :P)

Tears’ Shed and We Must Create the Meaning of Life

Today was the funeral service for our friends. I didn’t know what to expect from how I was going to act before then. I was calm to a certain point but next thing I know, tears were coming out unstoppably as the service went on. I am still not quite sure what exactly it was but I understand it’s a combination of things.

Of course there was the initial sadness of losing a friend(M), especially one whom has a very kind heart and joyful personalities. I am not a person who goes around calling people kind. In fact, I’m pretty critical about it. It was through interaction and conversation that I realized how M is so thoughtful and really think about the thoughts and feelings of people on “the other side”. Something I consider as true kindness. The next thing really contributes is that the church where the service was held is the place where M and I were together groomsmen for our good friend(V) just a few months ago. It was also during that time that I got to know M even better. As the service went on, I was watching the parents…their expression – pain, sadness, helplessness – having to say goodbye to their only son. Then the last thing that broke the barrier, was V, who had to make special endeavor to come due to important personal affairs, rushed into the service later and was completely lost in tears on his knees… (as M and V were such great friend since college who reunited in the area after some career changes) Together with V and other friends, I just couldn’t help it any more.

Despite all that happening…life continues to move on and earth contines to spin. I still went to work after the service. All that’s happened only serves as reminder and reinforcement on my believes of the things I need to do. As we see here, life does not wait for us. If there is one less kind person like M in this world, then we need to fill that void with our own. We shall continue to strive for the people who have gone and make the world a better place for the ones to come. As such, we all have to be strong for the people who need us. We cannot hesitate on things that should be done now. Strive to be better and becoming stronger is the only option. I don’t believe in after-life, which is good because that leaves no room to be complacent now and f we are make things better, that means we have to act now.

Life’s too short – Find its meaning now

Difficult things keeps happening around me… (well, I don’t mean to overlook good things either but this is just…)

Yesterday a good friend passed away. It just came out of no where and I was at a loss of words when I was phoned. It’s very difficult to accept because for most of us, we’ve just spoken and seen to him just days ago, joked and laughed together. There was even a biking trip in planning…

This friend is a cheerful person, despite his often cynical but funny comments, and I always feel that he has such a good heart filled with kindness, especially after seeing his family and hearing from them about him and how he treats his nieces. He’s a great guy!

That’s when I think about what life all means (and by no means do I claim I understand). I think that everyone of us came into this world without a purpose and meaning. No meaning is given to us and we are a void at that point. However, it is with our hands, our time, our hearts, our thoughts, our daily act that we begin to carve meaning into it. And when we think about meaning, just as a meaning of a vocabulary, it provides people with a definition. As for life, the meaning is no different. Only that, what our lives mean to someone, could be a definition like vocabulary, a thought, or certain feelings and emotions. And most importantly, we create that “meaning” ourselves with our own hands, action, and choices.

With this friend passing away, it reminds me how life is too short, and we need to work on that meaning that we want our own lives to represent without hesitation. Right now, I’d like to think about celebrating how my friend has lived, rather than mourning for loss and drown in sadness… he has provided meanings to all friends, colleagues, and families.

Rest in peace, my friend… We will miss you dearly…

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