Get a GPS And Quit Getting Lost

Now we finance blogger always plead frugal living. I have pleaded for us to distinguish between “want” and “need” when we want to buy things. However, there are things that serve great value by saving money and time in the long run. One such thing is Global Positioning System (GPS).

GPS is something that I have owned for awhile now that I can honestly and confidently claim that have save me MUCH time and gas (thus, money) in the long haul. Being a couple hundred dollars investment, I struggled for awhile before making the purchase, but the saving of time and gas was precisely the motive for it, and it is worth its every cent.

Garmin Nuvi 350 is the one I owned. Not only has it saves me time from looking and printing out directions every time I go somewhere, it has frequently save me from being lost and also get me to places on the fly w/o mistake. The point of interest feature on the Nuvi 350 is also excellent, finding me restaurants, ATM, car rentals in the vicinity when needed.

The price of GPS has come down so much that just further expands their true values. For time, for gas, for convenience, get a GPS.

PS. The touch screen on the Nuvi provides a much better user experience than the Garmin i5 with the scroll wheel, which I owned previously.

Being Clean and Having a Peaceful Mind

Looking back, there are many occasions that I am annoyed and overwhelmed when my surroundings gets messy and cluttered. Especially back in those student days with schoo, work, and life all going that I really didn’t have time to clean. When I finally get the chance, it’ll be such a clutter that I’m not sure where to start, which makes it EXTRA annoying.

That being said, those are my main motivations to stay clean and organized, and also the reason for spending a good portion of my memorial weekend cleaning my apartment of things from past years. Now that I am more aware, I realize how my mind can be more peaceful having a surrounding that is clean and rid of clutter.

I want to share this because this is something that we all have control over that can contribute to the peace of our minds and put ourselves more at ease. Cleaning is something that we can all do by choice!

So I suggest let’s all allocate time to clean and keep it clean. Not only living area, but also work desk, office, car… Clean up junk mails/paper, recycle things we don’t need anymore, mob the floor, reorganize furnitures for more spacious, cleaner look, etc.

By staying clean and organized, we can focus our energy and attention on other things in life, instead of having the burden of uncleanliness on our minds.

On a side note, I bought a few pieces of furnitures that both help to keep things organized and provide a more unified theme for my apartment. I spent arond $130, but it’s worth it. I brought this up because we need to remember to live frugally without being cheap! :)

Glad to have this blog

Recently, things have been a little tough and hectic. Along with that, there are people with much negativity whom I cannot avoid completely. Anger and disturbance penting up inside from those people and I’m not sure how to deal with them and these feelings. It’s also giving me a hard time to keep my chin up these days…

It is difficult time, but I am able to maintain my positive attitude to deal with the things to come, which is for the better. A major factor being the blog posts that I have written myself.

At this point, I understand I have little readership, but I am writing because I want to and I am serving others by explaining things and principles that I think are important and working. Spread these words that I sincerely believe can make this world a happier place for all of us. Additionally, prior to writing these believes that live within me down on this blog, they are vague and hard to grasp. Laying the believes down on words also serves the purpose to clarify and to remind myself, so that I am really doing what I think I want to do. Like priests, I try to “practice what I preach” or do they now?

Anyways, because of these reasons, I am glad that I have been writing the materials on this blog.

More on the topic of dealing with negativity… one way I rationalize it is. If I am swimming in a sea of negativity…does it really help for me to become negative also? Or would it be better to stay positive and increase my own positivity to influence other? I think the answer is obvious.

Did I Mention to Staying Calm?

Did I ever point out the importance of staying calm? Ah yes, I did here. Not very long ago! I’d like to point that out AGAIN. Why? Because I will share an incident that shows how important it is, and how I am still a student myself in learning and practicing all the personal development stuffs I talk about. I did not follow the rule of staying calm, had a huge screw-up, and I am going to pay for it. Seriously, I’m really going to “pay for it.”

There is this closely-related person in my life that just has a niche of getting on my nerve and making me angry every single time. I cannot comprehend him and his actions and most of the things he does disturb me greatly. I’m not sure if our energy vibrate on two completely opposing spectrum but I seem to always get “out of sync” around him. And today I let things get to me again. I got annoyed and kind of pissed off and got behind my wheel… Tragically, I caused some significant damage to my beloved Scion tC.

Basically I let his negativity get to me. I let him disturbed me and chose to give up my calmness, which is bad. I cannot blame him because he is the way he is, so the mistake is on me not being able to keep my calmness. I made a BIG boo-boo.

The lesson? Don’t get behind the wheel if you are pissed off! Okok, that IS true but what I REALLY want to do is to re-emphasize the importance of calmness and stillness in mind. It is important because it will minimize the possible mistake we can make and enable our best performance in any moment.

Alright, I made my point above and am not casting any blame for what happened. I am over the incident. It caused me turmoil right after it happened, but I am glad that I was able to let it go promptly to continue on “business” and regain calmness soon after. I understand that I made a mistake and I learn and I will be responsible for it…which means I have to pay and fix my car…


Just kidding, what did I say again? :)

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