Returning to the Moment

Last time I mentioned that a good outcome may come for everyone through the way the economy is going and the shedding of excess, if allowed (aka. if people stop screwing with the system). If we ever explore what I mean by “excess”, we will inevitably reach the agreement that such “excess” is related to the pursuit of external, materialistic, glamorous, yet ephemeral, things. The worst part, we have come to want them so badly that we became greedy, and we let our desires take us away from truly living — the “being” part as a human being.

So really, money problem is not money problem. Health problem is not really health problem. Environmental problem is not really environmental problem. All problems we have is but one problem. That would be our way of living, which lead to all those side effects.

There are a lot of names we can call it. Greed. Entitlement mentality. Instant gratification. Attachment to things. It does not really matter what we label it…

In the end, we have simply stopped living. We stop being. Have you ever wondered why we are called human BEINGs?

If you ask me what I am doing with my life now, I will answer you that I am to be present in the moment. All good things happen in the moment, and because I cannot think of a better way to put it, I will quote Shannon Lee, the daughter of Bruce Lee:

My philosophy on life, the thing that I work on the most is to be present in the moment. My father had a saying, to change with change is the changeless state. meaning, being there in the moment, if you are always in the moment then you are taking life head on and you are changing with every moment that comes. You are present and you are aware. It’s sort of the state of perfection to be in, and the place where all good things happen.

The good that can come out of all these pain is for us to return to the moment.

When you are NOT in the moment, you are looking at the past. You are looking at the future. You want all these things so you focus on your desires. You focus solely on your dreams and ideals (notice I said solely, not that dreams and ideals are a bad things). You let greed blinds your sight. You let emotions and thoughts dictate your decision. It is a state of unawareness.

In such state of unawareness, we want external things. We want things to change externally FOR us. We rarely look to ourselves for change. To change with change is the changeless state. To have inner change accompanying the outer change is the changeless state. When we seek only outer change to force the external state to match our desires, we introduce chaos into the system, which leads to consequence (chaos) in order to restore the system into a changeless state. (kind of like the concept of entropy in physics)

At the current state of global economy, a lot of pain is being felt, and it will probably get worse before it gets better. That is my assumption because as pain keeps increasing and reaches a certain threshold, people either break or make. If people don’t break, they will unavoidably have questions in the line of “What the F is going on? This is not working. Something is wrong? What is wrong? Maybe what we are doing is not what we are to do?”

When people ask those questions, that is the beginning of real (inner) change. That will be the starting point of people’s returning to the moment. A way to truly experience life.

Similar to many examples of individuals’ rebound when their life had bottomed out. At that point, they can crash and burn and they may try to run away. Violence could be one such way. Suicide is another. Violence is an unacceptance of the current state and one’s attempt to destroy it (forcing outer change). Suicide is also a denial of the current state where one sees no possibility of outer change and forget about inner change entirely. Both fundamentally display the attachment of how things should be.

On the other hand, when people bottomed out, we all have already heard how many successful came to be because they dug themselves out of it.

Something similar has to happen to the whole population. We are in the bottoming out phase, and we either dig ourselves out or crash and burn. This has to happen collectively while simultaneously, this process of inner change, toward awareness, a kind of awakening, can only occur by each person on his own, if he chooses to, if he desires it bad enough.

That means we will experience life in our unique manner still, each with our own truth, but in a higher statement of awareness, we will be living quite differently, not so destructively, not so all-to-his-own-ly. This is a state where we are truly compassionate to others and nature, not because we should, not because we need them.

Dare I say, if we look beyond all the bureaucracy, dogma, rules, traditions of all religions, this is the principle they share and try to teach — the principle of living in the moment.

Living in the moment does not mean living hedonistically. It is also NOT a carpe diem mentality.

Read Living in the Moment here. I will revisit it also in the next post.

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Stop Talking, Do Consistently

It is not rare for me to run into someone, or hear indirectly, where the conversation goes like this…

I have cut my spending by half in this last month!
I have control my diet (Whatever kind: low-carb, Atkins, full-vegan…) in the last 2 weeks! (Sometimes they celebrate 2 days! Woot!)
I have gone to the gym or exercise everyday for the past week!

Following all these are usually..
“I’m awesome! Time to celebrate! Reward Time!”
To which my response is… *chuckle*

My prediction for these people is, with almost certainty, that they will not last. They will not keep up whatever they are doing. Because they had just demonstrated that they are five-minute enthusiasts (more on why later). And indeed, that is what most people are.

Inevitably, if I do run into those people again in a few weeks or months and ask them about “how they are doing with…”, nearly 100% of the time, they had stopped whatever they were doing. This is excluding those who didn’t even start with all their talks, which there are many. Quite sad.

Am I being pessimistic? I’ll let you decide, but only after you consider the following situations that surround us now. Maybe you are part of it.

The amount of health problems and the issue with obesity.
The amount of people struggling financially.
The amount of people with all kinds of mental, emotional, personal issues.

It is a fact that these difficult situations are with us now. It is also a fact that we have more information than ever on what and how to do to help ourselves. Such irony.

What happens? Inconsistency. We are good talkers. We know the right thing to say. We memorize all the great tips and theories. Yet, we don’t do. And for majority, if we do at all, it is only for short period of time, which does not lead to learning.

So, I mention above about people who celebrate their milestones are more than likely five-minute-enthusiasts. It is not that celebration is bad. A little celebration, patting yourself on the back is all good and dandy, and sometimes necessary encouragement.

However, these celebrations are over dramatization. It is excessive drama of a small step on a journey to become something better, or further, something great — that is, if they truly aspire to be better or great. They had expended more efforts in celebrating than focusing on what they need to continue to do and thus completely miss the point. Therefore, such excitement, celebration, over dramatization is a sign that their effort is doomed to inevitable quitting.

Another problem with over excitement and over dramatization is that people binge on whatever they need to do and then burn out in no time. Not only will that not help but often make matters worse.

They binge on saving for a month, only to spend more than they ever did before the month.
Or they binge from eating for a month, only to eat a crate of chocolate afterward.
Or they binge on exercising for a month, only to burn out and quit, or had overdriven to the detriment of the body causing more harms.
Or they binge on abstinence, only to sleep with 10 people in one night… uh, wait, is this possible?

Anyways… just don’t binge!

Whatever tips, methods, doctrines you follow. Give it your consistency without binging. I can assure, whatever you did, right or wrong, after you’ve given it some time and effort PLUS sincerity, you will learn something. And it will be a type of learning that stays with you forever. And that, will allow you to decide what’s next and how to improve beyond your current self.

Perhaps it is a good idea for you to start doing consistently, and not just reading, thinking, talking, celebrating consistently.

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People are Busy

Something has been on my mind — the fact that everyone seems so busy. You ask someone how they are, and the likelihood of them saying “Oh good/fine/not well, busy…” is like 99.99% of the time. Flip that around, the chance of you hearing someone is not busy is equal to the chance of you running through a wall successfully.

It bothers me because I really wonder, how did we become so busy? Can we really all be that busy? What do people do?

You want to spend time and hang out with friends, and everyone seems to be busy.

I mean, look, I have a lot of things to do too, like my job, side projects, choir, singing/piano lessons and practice, workout/exercise routine, writing for the blog, reading to keep up with learning, spending time with my niece as much as I can (I live in South Bay and she’s in East Bay). Despite all that, I don’t think that I am busy. At least, I do my best to not get stuck with a I-am-busy mindset. I mean it in the way that I will allocate the time to be leisurely and to spend with people I enjoy. Of course, it’s tough when everyone else is busy!

It is at the point when I want to spend time with people, and I feel like I always need to give 2+ weeks ahead notice to make arrangement and setup outting. How tiring! Can we just hang out, if I call you on the same day? Maybe not… but how about I call a day or two ahead? And I don’t mean doing anything fancy. Maybe just sit and chat (hopefully not about work)? Simply zipping tea or coffee? Talk about a book? Talk about life? Sit together quietly enjoying some scenery?

Are people being busy for the sake of being busy because they are modern people, because they have to be doing something? Is doing nothing a crime?
Maybe we don’t always have to be accomplishing something.
Are people busy because they spend so much time working, and then commuting, being tired, and being couch potato the rest of the time?
Are people busy because they waste so much time on toxic relationships?

Could being busy be just a mindset?
Here’s what happen when people are always busy or think they are busy
They neglect their health.
Not being healthy, they have even less energy to do other things.
They neglect the people around them, people they love, or who they *think* they love.
They forget to breathe.
They forget about being happy.
They forget to live.

Perhaps it is not about how much you do, but what you choose to do every moment.
Can you help me answer?
Maybe I am just whining too much.
You can tell me, but obviously, I am not a fan of the concept of being busy.

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Levels of Perspective

Our attitude toward life has a direct relationship with our own perspective.

Our attitude and perspective in turn have a direct influence on our behaviors, our relationships with all things exist, and our ability to react to situations in life.

In other words, capability to see from a high level of perspective allow for balanced human behaviors, harmonic relationships with all things exist, and appropriate reaction to situations in life.

An analogy for the effect of difference in perspective can be the comparison of the view of a caterpillar and the view of a butterfly metamorphized from the caterpillar stage. If you ask a caterpillar to talk about the view of a butterfly, he will not have a single clue.

In regards to perspective for mankind, I find it silly that we have neglected our potentiality for ages. In fact, we undermine it more and more. By that I mean, we are free and capable to adopt many levels of perspective, unlike cartepillar and butterfly and many other insects and animals, and yet we fail to develop it for our own good for the reasons stated above. Our education system does nothing in terms of developing perspective and enforces mere teachings and memorizations of patterns.

A possible break up and definitions of the levels of perspective could be:
Individual — Family/Friends — Local community — State — National — Multi-national — World human population — Earth level (including all organism) — Planetary — Cosmic

The difficulty in communication is that when someone is stuck in a lower level of perspective, good luck trying to tell him about ideas from the higher perspective. You can also have a blast boring the hell out of someone if you try to convey an idea, say, in the national level, when they only allow themselves to see in individual level.

The emphasis is on “they only allow themselves to see” from whatever perspective they want. You cannot force someone to understand unless that person wants to see from a different perspective.

Now, I sincerely believe, for us to get anywhere in solving any world issue, we need a good chunk of people, at least the ones in power, with the understanding and capable of seeing from the “world human population” level at least. The answers will be apparent to those. Until then…

It is very apparent that currently, most people with power and influence at best can see from the “multi-national” level on occasion. Let alone the fact that many of these people and many others are operating for the benefits for the individual level at a high frequency.

I offer no solution to make people see with higher level of perspective. Like I said, you cannot make them. It can only happen when they genuinely seek to see and understand on their own. The trick lies in the foregoing of the belief and ideas from the previous level of perspective before you rise to the next.

So the initial question maybe, how far and wide do we let ourselves see?

The real question, what belief and ideas are we willing to abandon? (abandon not meaning to condemn and forget completely but instead, meaning not letting it to restrict)

People who seek spirituality and enlightenment are really seeking the cosmic perspective with an indescribable understanding that in so far as interconnectedness and relationship goes, there universe is everything including us and thus we are also the universe. To get it, you basically abandon all ideas, including the words that may lead you to get it. Truth is, when a person is restricted by no idea, he is free to see all ideas.

The Chinese goes,

For academic learning, you gain each day.
For understanding Tao, you discard each day.

Another saying we have is that “true love can save the world.”

Now I say, true love arises out of the knowing (allowed by high levels of perspective) that another organism is a part of me as much as my heart is a part of me because our hearts exist as a part of us as much as we are a part of our hearts.

That is because, do you think we can walk around without our hearts?

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