If You Don’t Use It, You Lose It

In the past two years as I learned fitness/exercise/gym as a habit, one thing that is very pertinent in life is that – If you don’t use it, you lose it.

One doesn’t have to be a kinesiology major to understand that. My experience has been that even if it has just been a week of inactivity, I notice a deline in my weight training (very obvious) or cardiovascular performance. How do I tell? The answer is the amount of soreness I can feel. Even more obvious is the immense soreness + pain whenever I start some new training. And hence, the need for us to emphasize on consistency of exercise. To avoid the benefits that we have worked so hard to archieve, it’s best to continue to do something at least, even just to maintain a moderate level of the benefits. In addition…

The idea of “If you don’t use it, you lose it” does not only apply to fitness and health. On my path of exploring and learning singing myself, I continuously discovered that many of the causes for my difficulty to produce more beautiful tone are muscular apathy of head/facial area muscles. It is over time when I consciously practice these muscles that I am able to improve.

Actually, not only is this the problem for people trying to learn how to sing, but this is the problem for people between ethnic group learning a foreign tongue. Certain languages only require us to use certain facial muscles. It is one of the many reasons that when we try to learn a new language that we have difficulty with announciation. What we need to do is to practice using all the muscles on our face :)

Well, another thing is that us humans have a tendency to be lazy and use less, or just enough, muscle to perform a certain task. That is exactly why we need to re-learn deep breathing for our health, and also exercise our mind to maintain our mental sharpness, and of course, exercise our body to make sure we don’t lose those muscle.

In fact, I would go as far to say that everything in our body is governed by this concept of “If you don’t use it, you lose it”. Therefore, everyday we need to consciously use every part of our body and push it to improve, expand, and realize our potentials!

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How much money do you save per month?

Came across this survey on CreditDonkey.com – Scary: Americans Saving Less Than $100 a Month. It’s always interesting to see where ourselves stand compared to others.

Saving per month 2012 2013
$1000+ 5.0% 6.8%
$500+ 9.6% 12.9%
$100+ 30.2% 46.8%
<$100 55.2% 33.5%

Although the sample size is relatively small at just over 1100 respondents, the figures still tell of trends.

A good amount of people has a difficult time to save any each month. Although for the topic of saving, the trend is going in a good direction with more people being able to save more than $100.

While the life we live include many needs, it remains that with determination, discipline and clarity, there are actions we can take to trim expense by figuring out what’s really needed and save more. I understand it is just very difficult for people in certain situation…

Well, that makes it not surprising that it says 38% “do not have at least $100 cash on hand” in the 2nd part of CreditDonkey’s post. I cannot imagine how nerve wrecking it would be. My anxiety level would go through the roof.

Another thing shown is that it remains difficult for many to save a significant amount of money monthly as people who can or plan to save more than $500 for both years do not extend 20%.

In the end, it boils down to what we want in life. Given, you have sit down and really figure it out. I fall into the saving $1000+ category for the simple reason that I desire to reach financial independence sooner than “retirement age.” That is a purpose I’ve had. I want it bad enough.

Saving. It’s a choice. A decision that each of us has to arrives at on our own.

So, it is ok to spend more now and save less if you’re ok to continue [and be restricted] to keep a job or you really plan to succeed in a career.

But because of my said purpose, beyond the need for short-term financial security, beyond the always discussed need of emergency saving, I’m saving above and beyond with a sense of urgency — which makes me quite the minority I believe — though I really have no idea how much my peers save. I always wonder…

So perhaps you can help me out readers… How much do you save? And for what reason?

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The Place Called Home

Home is not just a place where members of the same family live under the same roof.
Home does not necessarily have to be a physical place.

One thing I am certain we can agree on — we want a place to belong, a place where we feel at home.

This sense of belonging, in my humble opinion, is telling us to return to the awareness we possess, in order to be present in the moment. To feel truly at home, we need to find the home within ourselves. Ultimately, I think a person can and need to find the place within himself where peace and happiness healthily come from.

I may seem to be derailing, but please bear with me for 5 minutes and finish reading :)

To accomplish such, it takes time, determination, and persistence to allow and overcome lots of self-questioning, through which we increase self-knowledge. In fact, this goal is not an ending per se, because life is a journey that never ends and so shall the inner search. It is impossible for any of us to know everything about ourselves and the world around us.

Maybe everyone is driven by this inherent need to belong, and everything we do is a result of that. This is a reasonable explanation for why we like to simulate each other, trying to fit into certain groups of people. This maybe why we like to do what other people do, like keeping up with the Jones and following the fashion trend. However, to satisfy this inherent thirst to belong, the only way to do so is by returning to the Self within. Yet, how many people are actually doing that? People are predisposed to seek outside due to many of the conditionings they received growing up. I digress. Food for thought.

We can all agree life is a journey. Along the way, we need something to allow us to find comfort and feel safe until we find the courage to look within ourselves. And because none of us is perfect, we can use such a thing when we are down…

A physical place to find peace? Something that makes you happy? A smile that melts your heart? A precious memory that restores confidence? A good friend who listens?

We all need something like that to give us strength, until we learn to draw strength from the Self.

If I ever have kids, I would like to provide such a home for them. And if I don’t have kids, I shall be such for my niece, who is 2 years old now. To them, I would like to convey the sentiment:

If you ever need a place to return to, a person to tell things to, a person to ask questions, never hesitate. Whatever it is, I will have my open heart, open arms, open ears… I will be here. This is a place you can always return to. To rest. To recover. To get stronger. To hide for a little while. To have someone understand you. I will not lay judgment upon you. My knowledge is yours. And if I ever forget, you are allowed to beat the crap out of me until I remember.

But do not rely on me. I will not do things for you, nor can I because your life is your own experience. I want you to go experience and learn things through your own experience. I will kick you out there to do so if you cannot make that choice yourself. Just remember that, there is still this place called home. That I will be here.

That is what I intend to be for the youth to come after me. To let them know that there is a home to return to, so that they can fearlessly venture out and eventually, find the home within themselves. At which point, I can retire 

I lacked such a home growing up, so I want to be such for the young ones. In fact, I felt less at home when I was “at home”. No, I am not angry, not anymore. I understand that my parents did the best they could. It did take a lengthy struggle to come to term though, and it did make struggles out of other things before I arrive here. Not that I am alone to struggle with such situation, but you can see why such desire now. That is why I am so adamant about bettering myself.

The next generation should be okay if we can supply them such a home until they become stronger themselves.

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The Fallacy of Law

Getting Straight to the point, I find much naivete and fallacy for us to believe so much in the fact that law shall protect us.

In just about all of our current events, it is demonstrated that where whenever something had gone wrong in our society, we exclaim the need for new law and regulation.

Belief in Law Leads to Evil Act?

That is to say, law stands for the last defense line of morals and virtues. Our set of laws is not the definition of justice. Law should have been the last resort as defensive mechanism against harmful behaviors within a community.

Instead, we had made it the first and ultimate weapon against each other. We made law the definition of what is good and bad.

So here we have it, a majority of corporates and businessmen are always treading the fine line of law, to cleverly [and wickedly?] steal and rob from others and each other. Financial goals are defined first, THEN lawyers, accountants and what not are hired to find loopholes to circumvent law… for the glory of financial success and economic growth.

As long as we “don’t break the law”, we are good human beings, right? Riiiiiiight…

Belief in Law vs. Belief in Virtue

Mind you, I am not blaming anyone. I am not saying we need to do without law. It is clear that some form of law is necessary for a stable society. I am making observation on a cultural trend.

It is easy to observe that common people have more morals and virtues demonstrated through their everyday conduct and kindness than the law can ever defined. All results in our behaviors ultimately fall back on the integrity and responsibility of the person making the decision.

True virtue needs not to be enforced. This is especially if you had chosen to believe in goodness in the human heart and positivity because it is already meant implicitly that we are utlimately evil if we have to be forced to be good. Thus, putting our ultimate belief in law is basically a pessimistic outlook and very insecure attitude with ourselves and our fellow human beings.

Law on Top of Law on Top of Law

The greatest fallacy in our great belief in law is that more laws can always be written.

Nature is of infinite possibility. Human nature belongs to the same source and thus is immensely creative. Our creativity cannot be denied and that means we can always act differently than what we previously known to do, even within the constraint social and cultural paradigm.

This is as opposed to the fact that law is written to prevent a known act from happening again. Law prevents only a subset of infinite possiblt patterns. Consequently, using law to prevent “bad action” from happening will always fail. Or if one believe that law will ultimately triumphs, one is really believing that humans have no creativity what so ever.

Additionally, to the amount of law that is written, to the degree that we will be unable to act and move without filling all sorts paper and forms. It is already happening. We are completely bogged down with our legal and democratic system!

Leave Law Alone… Find Intention

There you have it. My views with law as I see it now. Law is necessary in a community setting but no system can ever be perfect. I believe the ultimate result of our action, and if we genuinely desire to improve things from how they are, will always lie in the most original and most basic intention that drives that action.

If we want better results than we are seeing today, forget changing laws, forget changing policy, forget implementing new system. Find our intention first. Sounds easy but simple thing is always the hardest.

So, what are the intentions that drive our society?

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