Yet another tragedy…

Humans are such silly creatures and can’t seem to stop from killing each other in a rapid pace…

Not only there are wars going on, we’re also shooting each other to death… as gunman kills 32 at university.

Einstein is right… Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe. It’s saddening to see people lose themselves, give up on rationalization, and deprive himself and others for a chance.

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Living Simply

A simple idea in itself.
Keeping life simple in all aspects.
At least that should be the first step before you move on to more complicated things.

Like when you are young, you instinctly learn all the basic abilities for everyday life until death.
Like when you want to learn martial arts, dancing, or fencing, you want to drill the footwork into your body.
Like when you get your financial situation under control, you start by looking at your income and expense.
Like when you want to get healthy, you start by looking at what you feed and how you are using your body.
Like when you solve any problem, you want to find the one fundamental aspect of yourself that is the root of the problem in order to stay focus.

Yet, humans often overlook these simple things before moving on to complicated ones.
It’s like running without first learning how to walk.
People want the result in one quick step.
Shortcuts usually lead to more troubles.
That is what create majority of turmoils in our lives.

Oh simple things…

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Our Ultimate Goal – Happiness

We talk about personal development (PD). We talk about personal finance (PF). Bunch more people talk about both topics out there. In our journey to both of these paths, I’d like to lay down the ultimate goal that is not to be overlooked and ever forgotten.

That ultimate goal is happiness.

The reason I feel it is important to remind ourselves is that sometimes I see people lose themselves in their zealous attempt to be successful in either or both of the PD and PF paths.

I have a friend who is very much into health/fitness, and she consistently go to the gym 3/4 times a week. However, there are times I feel that she’s too tired from work or sick to go, and she will force herself to go. I understand it’s a very positive thing that she has that drives. I also go to gym and exercise (play basketball) consistently myself and force myself alike, but I’d like to point out that we need to be careful not to push ourselves to the point of burning out and get hurt in the end. As long as we’re keeping up with the routines frequently, it is OK to take a break if we feel we should.

On the financial side, I am reminding myself of the ultimate goal to keep myself from becoming cheap vs. frugal…haha. We have to understand that we have to save for the future but at the same time, we may not live to see tomorrow, and hence, it is OK to spend money on things that will make ourselves happy. Just remember to spend under your means.

One last thing I’d like to point out, especially being in the Silicon Valley Bay Area, that people get so focused into their work that they forget to take care of themselves. Yes, our career is important. Yes, we need to work hard to become successful. However, we cannot forget to do things that will make us happy. Gym/Exercise is important because health is important and we will not be happy if we’re sick. Having hobbies is important because work may not be always enjoyable and hobbies will give us something to look forward to.

We don’t live to go to gym or to exercise. We do those because they give us health, make us look better :), or are hobbies that we enjoy. So in turn, they’ll make us happy.

We don’t live to save money. Wealth lets us buy things we like, buy convenience in lifestyle, take trips to places we’d like to see, etc. In other words, it lets us live a better life, and we save for retirement because we also want to live a better life later, but it’s important to remember the present.

Remember to do things you like and make your happy. Happiness for ourselves and people around us is the ultimate goal.

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Travelling and the War on Terrorism

I had just come back from travelling for two weeks. This is actually my first time travelling outside the country since all the new TSA policy. Needless to say, I learn that, even more so than before, passing through security and all is such a stressful event and such a big turn off for me to do any kind of trips through air.

The worst part of this comes from the returning flight from Hong Kong back to U.S. My niece was so lucky to be picked for the “special inspection” and therefore, EVERYONE’s bags are checked near the gate right before boarding. Comes the most ridiculous part, the TSA there threw away even the new water bottles that we purchased within the restricted area (I like to hydrate myself well and it sucks to keep requesting service on the plane), AND also empty the tiny water bottles that passed the security for my 5 year old niece and 1.5 year old nephew.

They claim that because the plane is going to U.S. yet even in the U.S., you’d be able to buy water within the restricted area and take on the plane, yeah?

Needless to say, it’s all frustrating and very unpleasant and there is absolutely nothing we can do.

It makes me think though. Now that [at least they claim] Osama Bin Laden is dead, they love to proclaim a victory on the war on terrorism. With all the TSA yet-on-going implementation of security and various added/new law/policy created in the name for national security, did we really win? anything at all?

In fact, perhaps in a more abstract way of looking at it, or even just literally, we have lost a great deal. We are living under the shadow of terrorism.

This is not to say I’m against all security measures. I understand that, as long as we are humans, we gotta do something about a problem but we hadn’t really thought out thoroughly what that should be.

If you really think about it, the ONLY perfectly safe state, that which seem to be what we think we want (demonstrated by our own action), is a complete police state.

However, not only does a police state mean we are living under constant terror, a police state also goes against the basis of this country. In the act of fighting a war on terrorism, we are enacting behavior analogous to trying to wash blood with blood — terrorizing ourselves and also trying to stop terrorism by terrorizing others.

This is the absurdity that we enact. I don’t propose to have a solution. But I think a good place to start is being genuinely honest, and thus with great clarity, in understanding the reality in and around ourselves.

But in this day and age… who can set aside religion, ideals, power, and all in all, ego to be able to do that?

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