The Weight Loss Bullshit New Year Resolution – Stop Talking and Just Act

It’s the time of the year when all we hear people talk about is new year resolution (I’ll type NYR from now on).

I hate it. There, I said id. I hate it.

I don’t tell someone to shut up if they do talk about it… I simply smile and nod.

The most talked about topic for NYR is losing weight. Probably the first on most people’s list.

But here’s what I wonder, if every year we are saying we are going to lose weight… that means people didn’t do it. And if people just don’t do it every year, why do they keep talking about it?

It’s like lying to yourself.

A lot of people just talk and won’t achieve it. Here’s what I propose:

Stop talking and just act. Achieve it, then talk.

You may argue “well, people lose the weight and then gain it back over the year…” And this takes me to my 2nd point…

Losing weight is probably not such a great goal after all!

Fine, you can set “losing weight” as an initial goal. But at some point on your way to it, you should switch that goal to something less ephemeral… A better goal would be…

“Staying healthy.”

There is no excuse around this one. It means for us to stay consistently healthy and it also includes working on the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Staying healthy is all around wellness. You monitor yourself. Everyday you’ll watch want to feel your body. Everyday you’ll monitor yourself the mental and emotional state. You learn to see and feel your body and mind so you act to stay healthy.

You’ll know when you feel toxic emotions. And then you act.
You’ll feel when your body’s worn and stressed. And then you act.
You’ll see where you stand in life. And you act to improve it.

You’ll learn that you need to act in all facets including balanced diet, exercise, and lifestyle to maintain this health that involves more than your physical components.

Staying healthy is a continuous process. If you make that your focus, you’ll always end up studying a lot and will learn a balanced diet means, a healthy fitness style that suits you, and your own approach to react to whatever your body tells you. You’ll learn to maintain this health that involves more than your physical components.

This is so much more than weight loss because weight loss is a shallow goal.

Forget weight loss and figure out what it means to stay healthy.

Stop talking and just act.

And one last tip, be consistent.

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I Suck at Giving Advice

I guess it has been a long since I wrote anything that’s personal so here’s a tid bit today just for fun.

My good friend D was accusing me of being not very good at making myself known or heard. Yes, I said. So maybe I should not use the word accusing, but on the other hand, I behave my way not because I don’t want to be known or heard.

Here’s what I do if I shall ever feel enticed or am asked to give advice or suggestion.

— I will say it once.
— I will repeat it.
— I will not say it thrice, unless the other person changes his attitude and shows a damn good display of genuine interest as to why I say what I did, which never happens.

Two things are apparent by the time I said the same thing twice (perhaps paraphrased and presented differently).
— My idea is simply out of the person’s grasp at that moment in time.
— The other person simply does not agree and/or wants to hear what I have to say.

Now the real reason to not repeat myself thrice is this — Let fools persist in their folly and they may become wise.

In other words, let people make mistakes and hopefully they will learn. And because we know that people often DON’T learn from their mistakes, sometimes the necessary evil is, to trick and nudge people into making more mistakes and hopefully they will learn… eventually.

Or in martial arts term, instead of directly resisting an opponent’s attack, one redirects the opponent’s force against himself.

Therefore sometimes, instead of saying what I want to say or what I had said, I instead advise the person simply with what he wants to hear.

Applying this idea in a grandiose scale, we — some humans? — may just have the responsibility to nudge the human civilization into further catastrophe before we will ever learn. Learn about what? Eh, maybe another’s day topic.

And I end my post today promoting — MORE consumption, MORE easy credit, MORE oil drilling, MORE technology, MORE medical drugs, MORE wars, More MOre MOrE~~~~!

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Would you runaway?

The news about the New Zealand couple running away with several million had spread all over by now.

Interestly, there seems to be quite a bit of support for the runaway couple. There are even two Facebook groups created that support them – Go Leo Gao – Go You Good Thing! and We Support Leo Gao and his 10 Million Dollars – Run Leo Run.

The question I ask is not whether this is right or wrong or if you support is. The question I ask is…

If you had also gotten the money from the bank, would you choose to runaway?

For me, it is obvious that it is not worth it. First, there is the risk of getting caught. It is not likely that one can get away with something like this so easily. Secondly, even if I manage to get away at first, it will mean that I had to play hide and seek for, at least, an extended period of time if not my entire life, and that means I cannot even enjoy the money. Lastly, the instant money would not be something that I had earned myself and that simply takes away the entire enjoyment factor of earning it and thus no longer can I enjoy what I earn.

What about you?

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Stop Being Yourself

Let me ask, if you have heard people say…

That’s just me.
It’s just how I am.
I’m just being myself.
Let me be myself.
Just accept me for who I am.

Sounds familiar, eh?

Well, I’m gonna tell you.
We need to stop being ourselves.

So stop being yourself
When “being yourself” means “I’m always right and everyone else is wrong”.
When “being yourself” means “I don’t want to listen to you”.
When “being yourself” means “I don’t give a crap about other people feel”.
When “being yourself” means “I don’t need to learn something new”.
When “being yourself” means “I just simply don’t want to change”.

I already feel like I want to strangle this person.
Just kidding, I’m very tolerant.

Maybe you believe you are striving for what you desire most, searching for the love of your life, or just trying to be happy or happier.
Or maybe you are just too darn complacent and comfortable.
Or maybe you are just too fearful of changes.

There is time when you need to wake up from “being yourself”.
Stop hiding behind this excuse.

When you feel you just reamin unhappy, unhealthy, unwealthy, unfulfilled, unloved, un-whatever…
When you are brimmed with negativity and are spreading your own negativity into the world of people around you…
And you are doing these continuously…
Maybe it’s time to stop being freakin’ yourself.

We need to be able to acknowledge our problems and accept the responsibility.
When you are “being yourself” but are hurting yourself in process, you are responsible.
When you are “being yourself” but are hurting others simultaneously, you are responsible.

It’s time for a change.
Either stop “being yourself” and change.
Or be ready for the consequence, eventually.

If you get to that point, at least don’t use the same darn phrase as excuse.
If you do use it, I may just have to land my fist on your face.
And smash it against a break wall.
Despite being a zealous pacifist.
Please don’t make me go there.

Enough joking.

Let me ask you:
Should your significant other accept you when you are being your inconsiderate self?
Should your children suffer physical or mental damage just because you are being your temperamental self?
Should your friends accept you when your are being your selfish self, where your actions are causing damage to them?
Should your boss and colleagues tolerate you when you are just being your “unconstrained” self?

And despite you are just “being yourself”…
Do you still insist “being yourself” and remain intractable?
Is the “yourself” what you really want to be?
Do you really know the qualities and attributes of the “yourself” that you want?
Why should you confine yourself for “being yourself”?

I leave you to think and answer these questions.

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