Do I Really Give a Shit?

I like to simplify things. That is why I am sharing with you today the question, “Do I really give a shit?”, as a tool to unravel some of the more complicated things in life. Most likely, you can ask yourself that question when you are making a decision or about to start/continue an argument. It will not solve your problems, but it is a first step to figure out if you care enough so that they are actually YOUR problems. For example, here is how it works…

Next time you are playing with the idea to exercise or to go pump iron in the gym and before reading about exercise routines, muscle training, and all that, first ask yourself, “Do I really give a shit about my health/look/future lifestyle?” If the answer is yes, you have a clear motivation to go and override your “I’m too tired to go to gym because I have been sitting in the office all day” dilemma. Or if the answer is no, then clearly, you have all the reasons to be a happy couch potato.

Next time you are about to argue with your partner, ask yourself either, “Do I really give a shit about [topic]?”, or “Do I really give a shit if my partner gets totally pissed off?” Or better yet, “Do I give a shit about the [topic] more than my partner?” That shall reveal to yourself if you truly want to argue before you end up on the couch, or have to eat ramen noodle for the rest of the month.

Next time you wonder if you should save/invest/spend, before learning how to budget or buy stocks, first ask yourself, “Do I really give a shit about having money in future or havnig financial freedom?” If not, why bother wasting your effort and just go swipe away with your credit cards in a frenzy.

Next time you are preparing to insult somebody, aks yourself, “Do I really give a shit about other people’s feeling?” If not, then fire away with your insult and swearing. Tear them apart.

Next time you… well, I think you get the idea. As you can see, “Do I REALLY give a shit?” can be apply in many scenarios to clarify the next course of action. Be creative.

Most importantly, it is a good question to ask before you begin any endeavor and waste your effort in something you don’t really care. Ask yourself the question to understand if you care enough to do all the things needed in order to make permanent changes. It underlies the motivation for anything you want to do, or you said you want to do. How much you give a shit affects how likely you are to go through with the endeavor from beginning to the end. If you don’t care enough, you probably will not go from start to finish anyways, so why bother.

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Happiness is Like Water

One of the most fundamental attitude toward life that we seem to agree on today is the pursuit of happiness. On this topic, I simply want to present an analogy here.

Happiness is like water to us.

Yes, we need water. However…

If we try to grab and hold on to water, it simply flow out of the hand.

If we try to preserve a batch of water in container forever, it will become stale water — dirty and stinky.

If we retain all the water we drink in our body and never let out, our bladders will get bloated and eventually we will get sick.

If we drink way too much water, we will also get sick and may even die.

If we hoard water, it does almost no good as we can only drink so much at once.

If we poke, kick, and strike water to try to figure out what it exactly is, it only gets murkier.

So is water. So is happiness.

Know that sensation when you find when you are most thirsty.

Know the taste of water across the tongue.

Know the moment when water flows into the mouth and down into stomach and your thirst is fulfilled.

Know the non-sensation of drinking more water once you are fulfilled.

Know the feeling when you drink too much and you are bloated.

Finally, we always perceive peace, beauty and vitality in water that flows free.

Now if we try to control how water would flow… Well, I will let you finish your own thought now.

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The Ordinary Hero

I came across a piece of writing by an unknown author. The original is here:

I loved it and gave it my own little tweaks to convey what I frequently try to convey here.

A hero is only an ordinary human who does the right thing consistently.

Non-truth is what changes through time.
Truth is the permanent basics of reality, realized by wisdom through generations.
(if you care enough to look)
(if you care enough to be wise)

All our “tricks” have been changing for thousands of years.
The old teachings stay as the cat is let out.
What we need to pay attention to,
is here, is now
our being and us applying them.

Heroes may not always win,
but they never lose.

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Fundamental Attitude of Learning

The fundamental attitude of learning is to say “I don’t know” and even when you think you know, you say “Is that so?”

We can call this simply, a questioning attitude.

Tada, I’m done with my post today… just kidding.

I find this is as opposed to the prominent behavior or attitude of people who are considered successful or are expected to be successful, where one must always demonstrate, or pretend, the fact that “I know.”

So it becomes always that everyone goes around with this “I know”… where most of the stuff that we do know is, truth be told, only assumptions we have about life. Because we think “I know”, we never bother and get around to examining these assumptions, and holding basic assumptions that is not parallel to the nature of life and reality is like having a bad foundation for a building, or starting a race running in the wrong direction. It wouldn’t matter how fast we run.

Thus it is often that we mistake lies as facts. Illusions as reality.

Therefore, to be able to say “I don’t know” and “Is that so?”, to have this questioning attitude is essential. It is definitely essential for people in the pursuit of mastery of certain art form. And I find it would be great if one adopt in the pursuit of health and weight training, where one will inevitably begin to experience the idea of Qi.

And most importantly, this question is required in exploring the deepest, yet simplest, questions in life. To say it in a bit cheesy way, it is required for those who are genuine truth-seekers. That is, these people would concern themselves with these questions:

— Where do we come from?
— What is the meaning of life? (aka. Who are we?)
— Where do we go? or where are we going?

However, there is one missing question, cleverly pointed out by Alan Watts:

— Is it serious?

For those who somehow, whether by sheer will or birth-right or contemplation, able to arrive at a questioning yet non-serious attitude and is able to bear those questions, they will invariably discover the greatest wisdom, the reality as it is (without answering the questions).

That is, if we are not all too busy getting rich, becoming famous, doing politics, entertaining ourselves and everyone else, saving the world, or whatever else “important” that could be on a modern man or woman’s schedule.

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