Change vs. Change

“Change You Can Believe In”
“The Change We Need”

Between Obama and McCain, we have heard enough about these “changes” that we need. Change is needed because the United States is drowning in a sea of issues, let alone the world. So change had become the theme of this election. That is what people desire and also want to hear.

But I am doubtful about the the kind of changes that will happen. Because I believe in inner change in each person. Inner change is the only way to bring about positive change. The change they talk about, not so much. Because they talk about changing the government exclusively, which take the responsibilities off the people.

But they are politicians, they need to win votes. And to win votes they say they will change this and that in the goverment so it makes the society perfect for the citizens. Because they are politicians, it is almost the only way they can act to win. Yep, it sounds great. But if they keep preaching that, that is what the majority of people will believe. They will believe that the government will change for them, and that they are not part of the problem. Then we have a problem. Because…

And the people is an integral part of the system. The government cannot save the people, per se. If each person solely wants to the outter world to change without himself changing, he believes he does not have to change. Such a person is no different than dead because only dead things stop changing and growing. Water that does not flow becomes “dead water”. When the majority of the population believes they do not have to change, we have a dead society. Scary. Plus, when one tries to change the world for himself, bad things can happen.

So in reality, we, both as individuals and a society, are at a crossroad of choosing “inner change” and “outter change”. One vs. the other. To live? Or to die? Though in common sense, perhaps dying is easier.

I believe self-change or inner-change is the only change one can rely on. So how about this:

“Everyone, change or perish”

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