Greatness implies Loneliness

People are always coming and going in and out of life. This happens especially if we choose to strive for change and self-improvement.

Our perception and ideals would continue to change, and the people we use to hang out with no longer share the same feelings. In worse scenario, they could become incapable of understanding and communicating with our newer character, changed perspective. Additionally, when our behaviors change, others will distance themselves from us as they reject us for being “different”. They may also envy us, wish us bad luck, try to deter us, as we strive for success… unfortunately. Of course we wish for them to come along together, but we all walk a different path in life. That is something must be accepted in life.

People fear difference. Sometimes people limit themselves because they are afraid to be different.

Consequently, it gets lonelier the more we change and try to overcome ourselves, as we consistently shed the self that was yesterday’s. Thus, the dilemma for each of us…

In the face of loneliness, how do I respond?
Can I maintain myself with confidence?
Or will I choose conformity out of fear?
Can I presevere, knowing it will only get more difficult, more lonely?
Or will I take the easy way out instead (by conforming)?
And worst case, will I be okay with the fact that no one in the world can understand me?

Let me share this quote:

Anybody can be famous
Fame is cheap
Fame is easy
Fame is fleeting,
Try achieving greatness.

Greatness is hard
Greatness is lonely
Greatness is work
Greatness is humbling
Greatness is a responsibility and greatness lasts forever,
you don’t want greatness do you?

Therefore, greatness requires determination and perseverance. Striving for greatness is a true test of ourselves, and that’s why we need to know who ourselves really are and what we want.

Also therefore, greatness is only achieved by only so few in this history of man. I ask myself, would it be possible for the entire mankind to reach greatness? I do no know. It does not seem so from the way things are, but if only we can, then greatness may not be so lonely.

For those of us who choose greatness, we can safely assume the individuals who stay with us by our side on this path will be the greatest companions we will ever encounter in life. Encounter with these individuals are truly invaluable, so we shall know and cherish these individuals.

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  1. If everyone was great, we’d have an average population of great people, so we’re back to Square One with amazing individuals classified as “great”.

  2. Kin says:

    Yeah, it’s true that it greatness is only shown by contrast, but your statement implies that greatness is only “useful” and “good” if others can see it.

    So, greatness is definitely probable in everyone. And greatness is the continuing overcoming of “self”. That is why amazing individuals are amazing because most people don’t do that.

    Plus, it’s better to have an average population of great people, than an average population of less-than-mediocre people… which is the state of affair now.

    Democracy is dependent upon the power of the people, which really means the power of the average population. Why do you think we all the meses we have now? :)

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