The Interesting Nature of Must

It had occurred to me that, all the “must” in our lives — in the sense that we HAVE TO DO — cause us to take actions that squeeze and eliminate the meaning of whatever we are doing. Or in other words, our “musts” take the purity of the original intention** out of our being and doing.

When we must be happy, we lose happiness in that we fail to continuously sustain ourselves in a happy state and suffer horribly.

When we must be rich, money loses its meaning — to be a useful tool in our life — because just about everything and all our doing become a mean to conserve, hoard, or gain money however possible… turning us into something not quite human.

When we must be successful, it’s guaranteed that you will get that empty feeling when you eventually get there.

We we must be “in a relationship”, the relationship itself loses its purity in that our attention and sincerity are no longer on the other person.

When we must donate and devote ourselves to others, charity and generosity almost seem hollow and artificial.

When we must live (as if we are not alive already), for as long as possible, we do everything and anything that squeeze the life out of ourselves and are therefore completely unhappy, unfulfilled, and miserable.

So, shall we still “must”?

**See When the Intention is Pure, the Action Follows for the idea of intention.

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