Do I Really Give a Shit?

I like to simplify things. That is why I am sharing with you today the question, “Do I really give a shit?”, as a tool to unravel some of the more complicated things in life. Most likely, you can ask yourself that question when you are making a decision or about to start/continue an argument. It will not solve your problems, but it is a first step to figure out if you care enough so that they are actually YOUR problems. For example, here is how it works…

Next time you are playing with the idea to exercise or to go pump iron in the gym and before reading about exercise routines, muscle training, and all that, first ask yourself, “Do I really give a shit about my health/look/future lifestyle?” If the answer is yes, you have a clear motivation to go and override your “I’m too tired to go to gym because I have been sitting in the office all day” dilemma. Or if the answer is no, then clearly, you have all the reasons to be a happy couch potato.

Next time you are about to argue with your partner, ask yourself either, “Do I really give a shit about [topic]?”, or “Do I really give a shit if my partner gets totally pissed off?” Or better yet, “Do I give a shit about the [topic] more than my partner?” That shall reveal to yourself if you truly want to argue before you end up on the couch, or have to eat ramen noodle for the rest of the month.

Next time you wonder if you should save/invest/spend, before learning how to budget or buy stocks, first ask yourself, “Do I really give a shit about having money in future or havnig financial freedom?” If not, why bother wasting your effort and just go swipe away with your credit cards in a frenzy.

Next time you are preparing to insult somebody, aks yourself, “Do I really give a shit about other people’s feeling?” If not, then fire away with your insult and swearing. Tear them apart.

Next time you… well, I think you get the idea. As you can see, “Do I REALLY give a shit?” can be apply in many scenarios to clarify the next course of action. Be creative.

Most importantly, it is a good question to ask before you begin any endeavor and waste your effort in something you don’t really care. Ask yourself the question to understand if you care enough to do all the things needed in order to make permanent changes. It underlies the motivation for anything you want to do, or you said you want to do. How much you give a shit affects how likely you are to go through with the endeavor from beginning to the end. If you don’t care enough, you probably will not go from start to finish anyways, so why bother.

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  1. Meg says:

    It’s also a good phrase to have in mind when trying to decide whether to give money to some cause or another. The other day an inner city middle-schooler approached me asking for money, which happens to me periodically. Usually I brush them off (because I don’t really give a shit, apparently), but I was in an exceptionally good mood and gave the kid $5 which he will allegedly use to help send his basketball team to some away game or another.

    When I am asked about other various charities, it turns out that I just don’t give a shit. I give generously, so I don’t feel bad about this; you can’t care passionately for everything/everyone. I’m glad there are people out there campaigning for the whales, or the owls, or the homeless cats, for instance; but frankly, I just don’t give a shit. I also don’t give a shit about my alma mater’s alumni fund or my sorority’s foundation for which I am continually hit up for donations.

    So there!

    Also, whether you realize it or not, this can be used to determine what you really care about. If I blow $250 on a new dress rather than put it in my EF that month, it doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t give a shit about being financial secure. It means I really care about looking good at X event that month more than I give a shit about boosting my EF fund by a couple hundred bucks!


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