Oneness, base on Tao, Zen, Buddhism, etc.

A little philosophy for the day, edited from a comment I left at Life Coaches Blog’s post — Personal Atrophy for Foolish People. I don’t like to over-analyzing things and prefer to keep it simple, so here goes.

Oneness is truth, and truth is oneness. Everything comes forth from oneness.

Oneness entails the interconnected of everything in this world. Truth is the relationships of the opposing/complimentary forces that is part of this oneness. Our reality is just our interpretation of truth. Despite our perception, our judgement, truth is as these relationships are.

Intelligence enables us to obtain knowledge, but wisdom (true knowledge) is where we apply those information and understand the working of the different relationships in this world.

All types of knowledge leads to self-knowledge, where an individual is aware of his relationship working with all the different relationships in the world, and he acts base on that. This is the application of wisdom. This is also when one is aware of the oneness of the world. Acting with self-knowledge and awareness is self-actualization.

As a result, intelligence leads to wisdom, wisdom leads to awareness, and ultimately, awareness gives birth to true courage and true love. With those, one has the power to act, to be honest with oneself and others.

That’s why…

True love comes from oneness because knowing we are all connected, compassion arises.

True courage also comes from oneness because fear arises from unknowns, and it is only unknown when one is not aware of oneness.

That’s also why, all types of negativities in this world occurs as a result of derailing from oneness, and in other words, being unaware of the oneness of the world/universe. Some examples are…

Denial is a refusal to see the relationships of different forces working together (or against each other), or attachment to one’s own perception of truth.

Anger is a result of expecting relationships to go certain way, again, attachment to one’s perception of how things should be.

Separation is when a person is attached to only one aspect of oneness, like being happy. They just want to be happy, but forget the fact that, happiness exists because sadness also exists.

Hence, attachment is the cause of suffering. When you let go, when you detach, you have everything. Being aware, being in the moment, being present to experience things as they are, lead to peace and joy.

To wrap things up, oneness is the principle of Tao, involving the principle of ying-yang, which are the opposing/complimentary forces I mentioned. Awareness from Zen is what lets you understand. And as it turns out, when you understand it, there really is nothing as Tao. Because by saying Tao, you suggest a concept, but it really is not a concept. There is everything, and there is nothingness, as Buddhism suggests the word “Wu” (ç„¡).

Tao, Zen, and Buddhism, and whatever other branches of these, are base on the same “idea”, but yet ultimately, there is really nothing to grasp. Hence it is said that, once you get it and when someone asks you what is Tao, there really is no answer and you can only laugh. It’s good stuff.

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