Don’t Give Up Your Mind

What are we?

What’s the most significant between us and other animals?
We have a mind that allows thorough thought process before we take actions.

Right… if a person take a real close look at the society today, one would wonder if that is necessarily true…

Of course…
Critical thinking is tough.
People don’t like tough.
Thinking requires actual work.
People don’t want to work.
Thinking is boring.
People don’t want to be bored.

It’s so much easier to not think and be told what to do, or just go with the flow.
You can always blame the outside when something doesn’t go well.
No responsibility. No strings attached.
What convenience.
Let’s all give it up!
The mind that is.

But there is a slight problem if you take a look…

Looking at the advertising sector, you can observe the rampant, or shall I said rabid, movement and expansion these days. Remember I talked about why there’s no need for financially aware consumers before? Together with that, another idea that actually encourage the ads companies to continue their push to reach into every corner of consumers’ life is because how little people give thoughts about what they consume.

How are the growth of the ads sector and whether people think related, you may ask? If people don’t give so much thoughts into what products they are buying, what kind of loans they are borrowing, what kind of service they are affording, they are more bound, more easily succumbed to spend money on products they don’t really need, loans that cost them more in the long run, or services that bring little to no significant values. That in turn, allows all the ads campaigns to have such an effectiveness that promotes more use of ads. “It works, why not do it more!” Consumers are letting themselves be told what they “need” when most of the things being marketed are just things they “want”.

Take a look at Apple…
Take a look at all weight-loss programs…
Take a look at all the new drugs coming out…

In addition, if we look at the current society, how many people are not too hesitant to make their voice be heard? But quite often, they are just taking sides without clear thinking or they are simply echoing off each other. They said things but they didn’t say things because there are no substance, no real thinking behind those words. My sincere opinion is that they would not be saying many of those words if they truly see the world and the things that are happening as they really are.

Stress is on the rise.
Depression is on the rise.
Obesity is on the rise.
Nation’s health is on the decline.

Could it be that the whole population has been soaked by the message of materialism, perpetual growth, and flashy life style for too long? That everyone would work work work, in order to earn earn earn, to have lots of money to afford “things”.
Who needs to exercise.
Who needs to spend time with family.
Who needs to hang out with friends.
Who needs to appreciate nature.
Who needs a spiritual life.

Let me end the thought provoking content here, hopefully they are, despite them being very high level
I would not claim myself an expert in the above subjects, but hopefully I got my points across.
Just here to offer my point of view.

And to sum up it up…
You should do your own thinking.
Do not let other people dictate your actions.
Take your life personally and find the values that are important to you.
Understand them, prioritize them.
Then act and live accordingly.
Finally, use your mind wisely.

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