U.S. Government is a Great Employer

I never thought U.S. government can be such great and well-rounded employer, who takes care of the employees’ every need. It puts all tight-wad corporates to shame.

If you are a government employee and you…

  • Need to find your soul mate?
    Swipe your government credit card for online dating service.
  • Want to fill your musical void on commute or at work?
    Swipe your government credit card for an iPod.
  • Need help to afford a shelter?
    Write government credit-card checks to your landlord or roommate.
  • Desire to please your partner behind the bedroom door?
    Swipe your government credit card for some sexy lingerie.
  • Have the sudden urge for fine dining and dessert?
    Swipe your government credit card for the 3-course luxurious meal at a 5-star restaurant, and a super-duper-mega-Himalayas-sized sundae served in a 24-karat gold-plated swimming pool.

It’s nice to see our tax money being used for good cause.

Highlights from the article:

  • GAO: Federal employees charged millions to government credit/debit cards
  • The charges include: Internet dating services, iPods, expensive clothing, lingerie
  • The audit also found agencies could not account for nearly $2 million worth of items
  • Nearly half of transactions made in the 2006 fiscal year were improper

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