Journey to Success

Notice I have changed the tag line for this blog from “As the Journey Continues…” to “Journey to Success”. This is a way to signify a new stage for myself, a new mindset in seeking, and also a focus for this blog. Let’s take a look at the most important word in the phrase, the definition of success from

  1. the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.
  2. the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.
  3. a successful performance or achievement: The play was an instant success.
  4. a person or thing that is successful: She was a great success on the talk show.

Those are good definitions that all apply to the word success. However, let me break down I have in mind about success.

I believe an individual would have to define success himself because success entails so many areas of life, despite the fact that we often associate success only with career, fame, and wealth. Here at this blog, the core of the success breathes constant self-improvement, personal development. I will talk about personal experience and learnings within the realm of personal development. I want to share them here because hopefully all of you can get something of out this, to get to a better life, to get to a happier life, while allowing me to keep track of my own thoughts and ideas.

Financial success is an element that enables easier access to success in other areas of life, which is why this blog owes it a category, the “Personal Finance” category. Hopefully I can provide some interesting and helpful ideas for everyone in that area also.

Back to the topic of success, one thing that comes to mind immediately is the philosophy of wushu mentioned in Jet Li’s Fearless, where wushu implies the strengthening of one’s body, mind, and soul all together. That basically covers the ground but to be more specific, success for us should also envelops improving ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. To achieve this, we have to understand that life takes us on a path of constant self-discovery and we shall learn from the choices we make, good and bad. Here I will quote Jet Li, “The biggest enemy of Jet Li is Jet Li. I need to beat up myself. Today, we need to become better than yesterday, and tomorrow better than today.” As such, the path to success is a relentless pursuit of personal development.

With that, I will leave you to think about the kind of success and the kind of personal development that you seek. I would love for everyone to share and provide comments on this blog. Thanks!

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