What If You Are Wrong

What if you are wrong?
What if we are wrong?

What if everything that we have come to known, everything that we have done are completely wrong all along?

Therein lies one of the biggest reasons that people hardly ever change.

Yet, therein lies the key to real change.
Therein also lies one of the key to spiritual growth — that everything we think we know as truth is not so.

Can you accept?

Knowing that you are wrong.
Knowing that you don’t know.
Could be the biggest hurdle for the change you need.

Knowing that you are wrong.
Knowing that you don’t know.
Is a wonderful first step to a new beginning.

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4 Responses

  1. It’s hard to admit that you don’t know and that you might not be in control. It’s so hard to know what you want sometimes

  2. Kin says:

    It is true. It is hard. Or maybe it is not. Can we say “I am wrong out loud?” or at least “I really don’t know anything. or even just, “maybe I’m wrong?”

    Precisely when we think we know everything or we think we know what we want, is when we will never know anything or find what we truly want. It’s a dead end.

    Versus, if we can start by admitting and accepting that, we could be wrong and don’t know anything, is when new things can happen.

  3. rob says:

    Agree. I was reading a science book by Michio Kaku, and it was interesting to find out that all throughout history, all the greats (Einstein, Newton, etc.) were ‘wrong’ in one way or another, and this eventually led to greater discoveries and concepts. Perhaps we’re really living in ancient times today, relative to a future time when people are more knowledgable, Today, we think we know everything, but actually we hardly know anything.

  4. Kin says:

    Rob, nice to hear from you again. I love your idea that perhaps we are living in ancient times today… versus, we are great and awesome modern people who can solve and fight anything and everything and win.

    What a wonderful way to see now.

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