Awareness and the Lessening of Drama

I always advocate finding peace and a calm mind through a path of self-discovery on this blog. And I also explore awareness as a premise to those.

You may think that is a bunch of mumbo jumbo and that is fine. However as someone who walks the talk, it is amazing for myself to notice the drastic difference in experience before and after understanding and practicing awareness. It is so obvious that practicing awareness has stripped away most of the everyday drama for me.

Let us clarify on what drama means first. We go through everyday life doing different things, having many experience. As we go through each, in the back of our mind we classify each as either good or bad, or fun or boring. Everyday drama, however complicated each may seem, springs forth when when one fights and struggles, sometimes desperately, to hold on the things considered good or fun. In the scenario where good nor fun is possible, one is flooed with thoughts of troubles and drowned in the pain sadness, anxiety, frustration, jealousy, feeling of victim, etc.

Therefore, when I say most of the drama has been stripped, I am living moment to moment with a minimal amount of painful thoughts and emotions and much less classification of each moment as good or bad. It is the result of practicing awareness that provides a calm and clear mind, which allows me to quickly handle the many thoughts and emotions that come.

For example, a friend called last minute to flake on an appointment, the disappointment and anger happened but went away like a flash as I noticed them. There is no basis for them because the simple fact is that the friend seems to enjoy a busy life and that’s their choice. Also as a result, I get extra time to do things I want by myself, yay!

And things like washing my car and cleaning the apartment, of course my preference is not to do them, but no longer do I carry the dreading thoughts that I must do them. Additionally, I do not feel that I need to rush through them because I have no where else to be. There is no reason to rush. So I go through the motion of simply doing them as efficiently as possible but without rushing. Thus, the result of a wonderfully clean car and tidy apartment. Though I must say, I still prefer not having to do laundry.

Last example is from where I work. Things happen in office, where people want things last minute, or sometimes do not perform the task they are responsible for, or perhaps they are just not up to the task. I notice that some people often get upset and take these things personally. Now I see no reason for this kind of drama. I can get upset and frustrated and respond in a worse manner, I get over it and simply respond as optimally as possible. It is clear to choose between these two. There are only rare cases where one may need to send unfriendly email demanding the task to be done, or be mean and start involving managers. In most cases, a courteous response that provides someone the benefit of doubt leads to pretty quick resolution.

The lack of drama may seem boring in the common sense. The question for each individual is, “Do you choose to be aware or do you choose to stay blind?”

If you are convinced, go read my posts on Awareness and Zen and Living in the Moment.

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