The Biggest Questions

Reading through books and articles on the internet that are written nowaday, you will basically find content that addresses largly the “how”.

But I think the biggest, more important questions that we humans, as a race in whole, need to ask ourselves is the “what” and the “why”.

What exactly is it that we REALLY want? That can lead to the question, is economic growth THE MAIN thing that we want?

Why do we want what we want? That can lead to the question, why does economic growth seem to be THE MAIN concern we have, all things aside? Well well, this is a rabbit hole that no one wants to dive in.

Moreover, as a race, where (what direction) are we taking ourself?

Do we even remember why everything started?

Of course, no one really wants to ask these questions. It is MUCH easier to stay the course. To do opposite and ask is to face destruction of a world that exists in our minds, which is great horror and drastic but without any exaggeration.

I find myself isolated in crowds, alone in contemplation. My peers uninterested. Companies grossly negligent. Media talks about anything BUT. Individuals care for the how in the now, mostly quick and dirty ways to get rich. And maybe some decide to look for distraction through sensory stimulation, or simply cover the ears doing “lalala”.

It is not the noise and chaos that is scary.
It is even less the pain and suffering are scary.

Scary is the blatent ignoring, non-interest, non-curiosity that 99.999% of people do.
Scary is the things that are not discussed.
Scary is the lack of thoughts, perceptive, and wisdom that prevails.

Perhaps I have spoken too much. It would’ve been easier if I simply choose to write about the how’s to attract crowds huh.

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