Respect for Work and the Job

I have been working for 5+ years, and I have met and worked with people now to make an observation — It is not the majority of people to respect their job, or in the least, not even the work or task at hand.

Let me put it another way — People want reward, whatever it maybe, after doing work, in desperately being so, the reward is prioritized over the work itself. As a result, the quality of the work is often compromised.

I have said that the best thing (quality) happens when we are in the moment. When we are so dead set focused on rewards and “the end”, we are completely away from the moment. It is ironic because reward is dependent on the quality of the work and never the other way around.

Can you be sincere in the moment and give the attention to the task at hand that will create quality?

I try to do that. This is even true when some tasks are not “as important”, when grunt work is forced upon me, and when projects have many not-so-pleasant elements. No, it does not mean I don’t get grumpy and whinny sometimes, but without striving for perfection, without thinking so much about possible rewards, I do my best to perform the task at hand to a certain level of quality.

Sometimes even after doing that, things still don’t turn out great (sometimes due to underlying reluctance… or laziness…), but always, at least I give it a try (even if just a little bit). And by giving it a try always, the frequency of “good work” is naturally higher.

Frankly, some people don’t even try… and it is so obvious. It’s not surprising. What with society mostly telling us “to get rich” and “to be important” etc., and so little teaching about respect, wisdom, etc. Bleh~~

Well, about rewards. I’d love some too. Who doesn’t? Though, perhaps they may never come. I know what is enough. And for the many times that I create decent work, I find the reward in itself. Plus, whatever I do, I find there is always something new to learn.

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