A Little Less Purpose, A Little More Laughter

A little less purpose, a little more laughter could just save our world.

I had an interesting little IM exchange with a friend:

Friend: hey man
Me: yo
Friend: how’s life man
Me: it alright
Friend: what’s the purpose of life?
Me: there’s none
Friend: ??
Me: isn’t that great?
Friend: why great
Me: if there is this ONE purpose in life, wouldn’t we all be living everyday, carrying the burden to fulfill this purpose? if there is not… we are free!
Me: hooray

If we can stop living so purposefully, we can live and laugh that much more freely.

And if we can live without purpose.
If we can simply laugh anyways and anyhow…

How much less of the things we think we NEED to do in life…

You wouldn’t need to try to be happy, which makes you go looking for therapeutic things to do, which usually entails sitting all day and watch TV as a numb living zombie on the couch where the TV show gives you a “living jolt” now and then, and/or consuming large amount of body-destroying junk food.

You wouldn’t need all the external things and experience to feed your thirst for happiness, which makes you a wasteful consumer. That will save you money, and without demand, companies would stop producing things thus helps to conserve all natural resources.

You wouldn’t be so depressed affecting your body negatively which eventually takes you to the doctor or psychiatrists and causes you to take all those drugs which causes you to have to see doctors and take drugs even more later. (I smell a solution to our “health care problem.”)

You wouldn’t need to be famous, powerful, rich which takes you on a ceaseless pursuit that will inevitably leave you with an empty feeling in the end (thus let you nourish your family and other human relationship).
You wouldn’t need to “save” other people because no happy laughing person needs “saving”.

Guess what? I think I had just discovered a recipe to save our world… haha.

Yes, I dream too.

It all boils down to the truth that, when we think we must have a purpose, both individually and humanity as a whole, we are actually saying…

“I am important”
“We are important.”

In other words, me Me ME!!!

I know we need to do what we need to do, but that means in so far that we do what we need to do and be able to leave it at that and let go.

If we can stop living so purposefully, we can live and laugh just that much more freely.

We would stop hurting each other.
We would stop killing other creatures.
We would stop destroying our environment.

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