Getting to the Basics and the Heart of Things

Success is my topic on this blog. Success is not simply one thing and definitely not about money.

That is why I have a tendency to write more about concepts in personal development and less about personal finance. I write much less about in specifics and details in what to do with your money. Besides the fact that there are plenty of info and references on the internet already, the truth is that if you can master the basics, success in life (and therefore personal financial life) will soon follow. Kinda like martial arts practice – the ability to a more advanced move comes from the mastery and understanding of doing a more basic move.

How do I mean? What are the basics? These qualities quicly come to my mind:

You may be thinking, “Compassion? Wha…?” Don’t laugh because compassion IS a basic and requirement in success in life.

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  1. jason says:

    In today’s fast world where life seems to spin out of our control, the term “success” has become synonomous with money and power.But is success all about how many yachts you owe or how much you spend at a holiday in Greece? Iam left wondering….does success revolve around only achievements we achieve in terms of money, comfort, status or power? We were taught in the school and were told that success is about making a diffrence! No matter how small that difference is ………. if you can makea disheartened person laugh the consider it as your success.

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