Poor Tiger Woods

Man, the media just will not stop about reporting Tiger Woods. Ah, so typical.

As all of us hearing about the news, it is so easy for us to judge, to criticize, and to draw defaming conclusions about Tiger Woods. It is soooooooooo easy for us to call him immoral. What’s the fun in that? So instead of all that, let us look at the news from another angle.

Let’s say you were in the exact positions of Tiger Woods. With his great golf skill, fame, money, look… and thus finally [and most likely] the admirations of many ladies. Given all that, and then given the opportunities, to sleep and have affairs with beautiful women. And perhaps sometimes seriously seduced. Can you with utmost honesty answer that you would not had done the same?

Now, you do not really NEED to answer that. And you may think I am, but I am not trying to defend Tiger Woods either.

But if you answered with “NO!!” right the way, you probably hadn’t given it sincere thought and thus miss the point of what I wanted to say.

The point I am trying to get at is the why for which we need to ask ourselves such question.

And this is not so different than the question, “What is the sound of a one-handed clap?”

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