Questions to Ask When You Think about Buying Items

With the over exposure to advertising these days, it is hard to avoid having the urge to buy things. The current inflating prices do not help either. I am a sucker for gadgets and electronics, though I have learned better control myself now. So how do I keep myself from overspending? And how can you curb that urge to fork over the greens to the marketeers? How about asking yourself some of the following questions…

How much enjoyment will I get? Will it be long- or short-lived?
This one can be phrased as, how much will the item adds to your values in life now and/or in the future? For more on this, read Every Spending is an Investment.

How versatile will it be?
Consder how many situations and under how many conditions you can use the items. For example, like a set of computer speakers, there are ones you can get that even satisfy a home theater purpose. Or like an mp3 player, besides using it casually, is it suitable to bring to the gym? or with you jogging or running? So essentially, the more cases you can make use of it, the more valuable it is.

How long will it likely last? And maintenance issues?
Look for warranty and double check reviews for the item’s quality are musts. Plus, the more you have to maintain or fix something, the more it owns you.

Does the cost justify the answers for the quesiton above?
You will have to consider the price, against all the pluses and minuses from the answers for the questions above. Buy what is truly valuable to you, without overspending of course.

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