Skipping Shopping on Thanksgiving

In case you haven’t heard, there are a lot of brick and mortar stores openning on Thanksgiving day this year. I truly feel bad for the employees who can barely enjoy their turkey dinner with their family and loved ones. The best thing that can happen is for all of us to boycott such behabior, and say “f this shit.” But alas, I doubt that will ever happen.

No thanks to corporate America

That said, I still think we all have a choice. A choice not to buy into the absurdity in our culture. A choice that shows our character.

We’re playing a one-upmanship games with each other and have no way of stopping. The companies decide to compete (instead of saying no, we won’t do the same) with each other thinking “we must win.” So now we have all the stores opening on the day with the principle and ideal of being appreciative and showing gratitude for one another… not being more consumeristic and trampling over or clawing each other to get those consumer products.

No, I am not thankful that we have such culture.

This year, it’ll still be the same as before for me… I will not be shopping on Thanksgiving. I’ll be enjoying my day with the people I care about NOT shopping but just spending some quality time in each other’s company. To me, that is enough.

The other argument I’ll use is that most of the deals I find on Thanksgiving are not that great. The really cheap deals end up being products of lesser quality while the deals of things I’d like are not that more extraordinarily cheaper so big whoop.

So yeah, there are things I want… lots of them as many of us. But then again, I know I have enough, and what/who I will have around me is plentiful.

For that, I am thankful.

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