Continue to Live Like a Student

I was talking with a friend a few days ago, and on a topic that I cannot recall.
He said something along the line, “Hey, it’s okay to buy/get that, you are not a student anymore.”
To which I respond, “I can still live like a student even if I’m no longer one…”

What is the lesson I’m trying to teach here? I would say it’s one of the more basic rule to controlling your personal finance – you don’t have to spend more because you make more. Here is the most basic rule.

Why is it so important? Let me take my chance to reflect on something came up in conversation with a friend at work, who said, “Things seem to stay the same. I know I’m making more, but I’m also spending more.” The logic is ridiculously simple. You really don’t save more if you are spending more when you make more.

I’m not saying one should be cheap and live like a homeless. I fully believe that there is a certain level of standard of living we should keep to make ourselves content and happy, but we should not justify ourselves to spend twice the money just because we make double (if it ever doubles…) :P Peace~

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