Handling Reality – aka Duality – Use Compromise

2 posts back I talked about importance to perceive duality in life. 3 posts back I said that life is all about relationships.

Life in the existing reality is a combination of countless relationships between dualistic elements. Therefore, solutions to problems in reality can only be a compromise within each relationship. UNLESS, you choose to destroy that relationship.

Knowing that, we should know to be cautious when we proclaim that we need to defeat this or we need to beat that to solve our problems in real life.

If you take away sadness, you will not be happy. (Therefore, it’s a futile battle against depression.)
If you try to control or take over someone else’s life, you are destroying your relationship with that person. (It will become one between owner and slave.)

All the duality in life…

Happiness and sadness.
Saving and spending.
Student and teacher.
Certainty and uncertainty.
Selfishness and selflessness.
Good and evil.

Our well being, along with nature’s well being, is when duality is kept in balance without one side overpowering the other. Therefore, an aware person’s solution to a “problem” is always one of compromise to bring balance back.

Remember, compromise.

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