Saving Up for F%@# You Money

When it comes to finding reasons to save, we all have very different ideas. A lot of advice boils down to super-specific goals such as…

1. Downpayment for a house
2. Paying off debt
3. Buying a car
4. House remodeling
5. Traveling
6. Retirement
7. College fund
8. Gadgets and other consumer goods
9. 3-6 months emergency savings

For me, even though I have done a lot of the above, I never broke down and specifically say things such as “I will save $x amount so I can do [something].” It’s never been my style even though they are perfectly valid reasons.

Ever since college when I started working at least part-time, it has always been with me that I will sock some percentage of my earnings away into saving. (lucky me?) As a result, I never had to be in utter panic mode for most of the situations above.

I suppose part of it has to do with my penchant for independence from my parents at first. It certainly had now grown into a “depend on myself” motto.

To really boil it down, I have ONE philosophical reason to save, which is the fact that I really enjoy my inner peace and sense of freedom. This idea encapsulates all the elements I discuss below.

Sleeping well is very important.

Sleeping well is very important.

Having money saved up gives me the flexibility and options to choose in life. That’s definitely precious. It helps me sleep well at night knowing I would be ready for many life emergencies, including losing my job.

Restricting how I spend for specific goals like some of those stated makes me feel “ensnared” so I never do it. Plus I prefer to see one BIG pile which I can then allocate for whatever. Some may say this is a horrible idea because it makes it difficult for me to choose to spend… which is true but the flip side is that it helps me consider each big expense even more carefully.

These days, with the big corporate culture where I’m still an employee, the more work I do, the more I’ve become involved, the more scenarios where frustration and other stangnant feelings build up in me. Those of you with more experience in corporate world would know what I mean. With all the encumbering processes, petty politics, unsightly unfaireness, and what not.

Therefore, the more I save up, the more I put myself in a better position to possibly say… “f#$k you” if the situation warrant it. Well, figuratively.

I remember very distinctly and even saved an image copy of the Dilbert comic where Scott Adam so brilliantly dubbed the precious name of “Fuck You Money (FU Money).”

FU Money keeps me from stressing and disrupting my peace. I won’t really say “fuck you” to others in the face but I can certainly choose to walk away and “fuck it.”

Not just for walking away, the extra bonus is that it gives me confidence to act with more abandon and push back when shoved at work.

So for now, what is it that drives me to save? It is not retirement as most people think about it because it is not my goal to stop working.

By conventional wisdom, while many people work to save for the various “common” goals, I need not such concrete goal to motivate myself to save. I enjoy my peace and one could say that I am saving for my stash of FU Money.

Perhaps for no better reason than to… sleep better at night.


Hopefully I won’t use it to “fuck it.”
Hopefully I will use it to do something because I love it.

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