The Usefulness of Having Capital

Follow up on Money Can Buy Happiness, I will talk about two reasons why it is useful to have capital or a good amount of money, business/investment/portfolio-wise. They are also the main reasons the rich can continue to get richer and stay rich, IMHO.

Capital Provides Bargaining Power

Having money gives you bargaining power in dealings. People who have more money usually have or obtain more advantages and benefits in business dealings. How?

Here is the first scenario. Let’s say you are moving a good distance away and have to sell your house. The difference between having the money to buy a new place flat out and not having the money, thus have to wait for the sale of your previous dwelling is huge. If you have the money already, you can buy the new place and wait for a buyer who offer the ideal price for the old house. Otherwise, you maybe forced to accept whatever kind of offer you can get within a short period of time. I know you maybe think, “Oh, I can rent…” but this is just an example. If you insist, then let’s say you have to sell an item. If you are short on cash, you maybe forced to accept a crappy, low-ball offer. Otherwise, you have all the time you have to wait for an ideal offer.

Another scenario is one where you are considering about taking a loan for, let’s say, a mansion, but you actually have A LOT of money and therefore you can pay for it in full with cash. The bank, better than not having your business completely, may tempt you with a loan that has very low interest rate, for which is a good idea to accept so you can put your cash to work elsewhere. Now if you don’t have the money, you must take a loan in order to make the purchase, so why would they need to give you a low interest to lure you to into the loan?

Capital Allows Diversification

Anyone who has done some study into investment would run across the idea of diversification. Briefly, the main concept is that you spread your money out into many areas, and by doing that, you run less of a chance of losing all your money by betting in one place. Meanwhile, you hope that more of the invested areas would do well to allow for profits.

A company with more capital is able to invest in more areas or projects than one with less, and so long as one of those projects becomes a hit, or most of them do well except a few, they’re all set. The same thing applies for individuals. An individual with more capital is able to spread their money into more stocks, funds, and markets, and as long as most investment do above averages, or if one becomes a hit, he’s all set.

Consequently, people with more money have more flexibility in choosing and allocating their investment portfolio. On top of this, there are investment products that are only available to people with certain amount of money.

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