Poor Rich People

I had the thought of naming this post the poor rich bastards… well, I didn’t and now you know anyways :)

There were lots of talk about increasing taxes on the rich, a battle between classes, 1% of the nation owning most of the money, all that jazz.

It is always my fascination to re-examine idea that is common sense, and we should take a look at the word “rich”.

Dictionary.com says that rich means “having wealth or great possessions; abundantly supplied with resources, means, or funds; wealthy,” and when we say somebody is rich, it simply means “that dude has a f load of money.”

There is a reason I called the rich people poor in the title. Because I have come up with another meaning for the word rich.

Rich means having more than enough.

The tricky part becomes, a person is rich only when a person knows what enough means to himself in various aspects — financially, materially, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Quite obviously, we can observe few, if any, of the people we called rich know what it means to be enough, demonstrated by their behaviors of hoarding more and more, be it money or power and let alone the other aspects where those people either have the faintest idea or simply don’t give a crap. Same can be said about those called poor.

As something Bill Maher said (paraphrase), “Americans would do anything and everything, to oneself and to others, for money.” Well, maybe not everyone, but definitely enough people do not know “enough” to fall into that definition.

Oh, these poor bastards.

The rich can be poor.
The poor can be rich.
Of course, rich can be rich and poor can be poor too.

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